Out Of Line
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Out of Line ★ A unique hand-drawn adventure game

Players who are on the lookout for an unusual and exciting Gaming experience If you are looking for a puzzle game that stands out from the rest of the genre, you will definitely find what you are looking for in Out of Line. The puzzle adventure was created by the Portuguese developers of Nerd Monkeys and was published in collaboration with Hatinh Interactive, a publisher specializing in indie productions.

In Out of Line the players' path leads them into a hand-drawn world that impresses both with its rich variety and its harmonious design. It tells the story of young San, who escapes the clutches of a deadly factory.

However, the factory's henchmen will not let the young protagonist go free without a fight. Instead, the corrupted machines of the facility are hot on his heels and mercilessly hunt San down.

An unusual way of storytelling

Just as is already the case with the Artstyle, the Out of Line also in the way in which the story of the Puzzle-Adventures is told in an unusual way. Instead of relying on direct storytelling with cutscenes or dialog, the developers responsible relied on murals that can be found in the backgrounds of the game world and tell the story of the adventure in fragments.

And what has the Indie-title have to offer in terms of gameplay? As is the case with most representatives of this genre, the focus of the game mechanics is on solving the varied puzzles. The spear with which young San is equipped is of essential importance here. The spear can be used in different ways to solve puzzles and open up new paths.

For example, San can throw the spear into the air to create new platforms or use it as a kind of lever or switch to open doors. However, players should not expect the spear to be used in battle.

Instead, the developers focus entirely on the narrative of the History and the varied puzzles. There will be no fights, however, as San is mercilessly inferior to the corrupted machines. To save his own skin, San therefore tries to escape and avoids direct confrontations with the machines.



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