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The team behind SpieleCheck

Quick-witted, ironic and always ready for a joke, at Tommy's expense of course. If there's one team you can rely on, it's this one...

Guest authors and guest contributions welcome! - For a joint conquest of the gaming news world. All information on how you can take part, you can find here.



Hi, I'm Tommy! I stream games on Twitch, publish videos on YouTube and write articles - for great people on the internet. My goal is to make more out of my hobby and my passion for games.

I don't know if it's because of my age, but with a minimum of motor skills, I began to understand life through play. Over the past eons of years, I have not lost my playfulness, and so I am "Just Tommy" - then as now - playful, creative and there for my community.

I pursue an intensive community exchange, individual and joint gameplay with partners and with the most loyal followers. True to the motto: one passion, one community.

Secret knowledge about Tommy:

  • The first livestream ran on 15.11.2017, a gray cloudy Wednesday.
  • Turning left too slowly is generally demonized.
  • The words "quasi" and "müh" are statistically the most frequently used words.
  • One of his many passions is food.
  • Black tea is the shit!
  • Games are always saved twice to be on the safe side.
  • Never spoken incorrectly into a microphone.
  • When the car is locked using the central locking system, all doors are checked to ensure that they are actually locked.
  • Cookies shred!
  • Strawberries are preferred to bananas.


Hello bookworms, I'm Stephan and I'm here too! I've been a passionate gamer since I was 8 years old and got my first gray Gameboy with Super Mario. I love the pop culture around gaming, TCG and live streaming. Here I would like to tell you more about this world.

Gaming has always fascinated me, and over the years I've discovered my competitive side. I've even played competitive shooters, soccer games and trading card games. I'm also very creative, and the tinkerer in me loves building impressive backdrops in games like Planet Zoo and using the game for a different purpose, even though it's actually a zoo-building game. Monotony bores me and I'm always looking for new challenges.

Secret knowledge about Stephan:

  • I love watching Disney movies.
  • I prefer the bicycle to the car.
  • I love pizza funghi.
  • Riot Games often freak me out
  • I like to check again to make sure I've really locked the door behind me.
  • I like to drink the blue can of RedBull.
  • I think Chuck Norris jokes are funny.
  • Nobody beats me at table tennis who is worse than me!
  • I have dyslexia & ADD (an interesting combination, isn't it?)


Klabautermann, aka Björn, has been publishing video game content online since 2015. In addition to videos and livestreams, one focus is on his collection of Guides. As Guest author he has been active on since 2023.

You can find me on the internet under my pseudonym since 2015. I played my first video games as a child in the second half of the 1980s. Frogger, Pinball, then later The Secret of Monkey Island - and then my interest in video games waned. In high school and after graduating from high school, other topics became more important.

During my studies, I was involved in several debates about "killer games" and the question of whether media use is even capable of turning someone into a killer. This led to a self-experiment: what would happen to me if I joined a clan and we trained regularly? Rainbow Six: Ravenshield was the name of the shooter at the time. Training at 18:00, then sometimes a match against another clan at 20:00 in a ESL Ladderboard.

Well, I didn't become a killer, but first a community service volunteer and then a teacher 😉.

Secret knowledge about Klabbi:

  • Has already successfully blocked nuclear waste transports
  • Can make fire with fire steel and tinder
  • Is an enthusiastic uncle
  • Is a multiple "big brother"
  • Conducts social expressions in online games.
  • Regularly hangs out at Gamescom and devcom
  • Also writes for other gaming magazines
  • The rest is top secret!


I juggle with words and conjure up articles that ideally offer the reader added value. Or an entertaining pastime - both would be an inner flower picking for me.

Hi there, I'm Fiona! Even at a young age, I had an extremely sensitive feel for language and surprised my parents with word creations such as "breast division" (bra), "goulash catching" (scavenger hunt) or "wrapping" (bandage). So it was clear early on that great things could be expected of me from a literary point of view. My degree in German studies therefore came as no great surprise to anyone. And while everyone (especially me) is still waiting for the big literary success, I now earn my living as an online editor writing marketing texts.

At the same time, I clearly have too many hobbies for a 24-hour day, such as playing video games, crafting and consuming livestreams, movies, books and much more. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of this team here and to add to this platform with freshly baked articles.

Secret knowledge about Fiona:

  • My favorite German bureaucratic word is "Tanzlustbarkeiten".
  • Spreewald gherkins are better snacks than potato chips!
  • I once bought 1 kg of cinnamon because it was cheaper on the 100 gram price.
  • Passing cats on the street are greeted politely!
  • True crime podcasts are my passion.
  • I love Sudoku puzzles!
  • I'll drop everything for fresh strawberries.
  • When I was 6 years old, I was so scared of King Bob-Omb that my mother had to defeat him for me.
  • One Piece is the longest manga series in my bookcase.
  • The door that has just been locked is always shaken once.
Mata Hari

Mata Hari

After the failure of my career as a spy and my subsequent execution, fate has decided to give me a second chance. Reborn in the 21st century, I suddenly find myself in the exciting world of video games.

With a great thirst for knowledge and a need to catch up, I browse through the offerings of big and small, old and new, known and unknown, mainstream and independent labels for adventures. I'll let you know in my reports whether a purchase is worthwhile from my point of view. Maybe other voices than just mine will have their say. Let me surprise you.

Secret facts about Mata:

  • I wasn't naked under my coat when I was shot.
  • I would love to be a character in a video game myself.
  • Mink collars tickle the nose
  • I celebrate full baths with wine and lots of foam.


Hi, I'm here to live it up as a part-time writer. I'm trying to focus on the area of "events".

Secret facts about Sandy:

  • A satisfied belly makes a satisfied soul!
  • Not without my Maggi!
  • Cats in the morning banish sorrow and worries (most of the time)
  • Needs a lot more money to be able to travel a lot more.
  • The brain behind the simple Tommy (of course he sees it differently)...
  • Not viable without rice!