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Create Discord rules

Create Discord rules - templates for your server

Rules are essential for a Discord server to build and maintain a harmonious and engaged community. They create an environment in which members can feel comfortable, learn, exchange ideas and grow.

Free music for your next YouTube or Twitch project

Free music for YouTube

Anyone who has been involved in video production for any length of time will quickly reach a cost point that sometimes seems unmanageable. But there is also plenty of free music for your next YouTube or Twitch project.

Lets Play Hype - EinfachTommy

Is the Lets Play HYPE over?

In short, my hype is far from over and the internet proves that there is still a lot of room for improvement. Nevertheless, everyone should and can form their own opinion and simply watch the 60 minutes of entertaining talk.

Music for your Lets Play - EinfachTommy

Music for Twitch and YouTube

Music means the world and, as one of the emotional elements, forms the most important foundation of an audiovisual work. The pieces on all platforms have met my personal taste in music, but as things stand today, only one has been able to convince me in terms of price/performance.