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Dread Templar ★ Fast-paced shooter fare in retro style

In the past, the developers at 1C Entertainment have repeatedly attracted attention with fresh and interesting gaming experiences. The fast-paced first-person shooter Dread Templar is no exception and is aimed primarily at gamers with a penchant for nostalgia who want to relive the blissful era of the nineties.

In terms of gameplay, the developers do not even attempt to make use of the modern elements of the first-person shooter genre. Instead, the work from 1C Entertainment is entirely in the tradition of classic shooter legends such as Doom, Quake or Hexen.

A journey into the realm of evil

Players take control of a horror templar who ventures into the Realm of evil is about to begin. According to the developers, Dread Templar scores particularly well with its fast-paced gameplay and the ability to customize the protagonist's weapons and adapt them to your own style. Playing style adapt. In the world of evil, players face enemies such as demons, bloodthirsty fiends with ninja skills and adversaries with firearms and hellish abilities.

Over the course of the campaign, the player not only unlocks ten different weapons with individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the protagonist also gains skills called "Gain Dread Powers", which give him superhuman powers that can be used against the forces of evil.

A harmonious and handmade retro style

But not only in the playful area Dread Templar fans of classic shooter fare. The level design is also based on the legendary classics of the 90s and offers optional areas off the main path, in which hidden secrets await players eager to explore.

And, of course, there is also a puzzle or two. The gaming experience is rounded off by an appealing graphic style which, according to official information handmade and is deliberately based on the genre greats of the nineties. Players can therefore look forward to a stylish pixel look with a wide variety of enemies, weapons and effects.

The soundscape of the retro shooter fits in seamlessly and completes the nostalgic gaming experience.

Well then, happy shooting!



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