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Enshrouded - Where darkness becomes a play of light

With cooperative gameplay for up to 16 players and a versatile skill tree, Enshrouded offers a rich and immersive experience. It invites you to discover the secrets of Embervale and confront the shadows.

An action RPG stands out in the jungle of numerous new game releases in January 2024. Enshroudeddeveloped by Keen Games GmbH, combines adventure and role-playing in a fascinatingly dark world. In Embervale, a realm ruined by the greed for magical power, a journey for survival, creativity and the unleashing of ancient powers begins.

Struggle for survival in Embervale

Embervale, once a shining kingdom, is now just a distant memory, a Shadow of itself. In Enshrouded players start with nothing but their irrepressible will to survive. The first challenge is to fight your way through the remains of a crumbling world. The path is no walk in the park, but a fight for survival against time and against Creatures, lurking in the darkness.


In the forests, caves and dilapidated ruins of the once magnificent Kingdom players search for secret treasures and knowledge. Every discovery, every battle makes them stronger and prepares them to delve deeper into the Shroud - a place where the true horrors of the deep lurk.

Enshrouded: Fight against the shadows

The Shroud, a spreading evil, brings destruction to the land, mutating and enslaving all life it encounters. In Enshrouded the fight against this dark force is central. Players must skillfully dodge, parry and surprise their opponents with unexpected combat abilities and powerful spells.

The confrontations with destructive hordes and powerful Bosses require not only skill, but also strategic thinking. The key to success lies in exploring the weaknesses of your enemies and developing your own unique style of play, supported by a detailed skill tree.

Creativity in construction and craftsmanship

In addition to the fight against evil Enshrouded also room for Creativity. The voxel-based world allows players to customize their architectural Dreams to realize. From magnificent buildings to hidden hideaways, there are no limits to the imagination. These buildings not only serve as shelters, but also become homes for NPCs seeking protection.


The game also offers the opportunity to forge legendary weapons and armor. By crafting and improving these items of equipment, players can increase their skills beyond their limits. It is important to master all types of weapons in order to withstand the merciless advance of the Shroud.

Cooperative survival and discovery in Enshrouded

A special highlight of Enshrouded is that cooperative Gameplay in which up to 16 people can play at the same time. In this game variant, participants can join forces to go on a journey of discovery, collect treasures and defeat the cruel hordes.

It's not just about individual strength, but also about the interplay of the players' various skills. Together they face the challenges and discover the secrets of a fallen realm, from the mystical deserts of Kindlewastes to the shady forests of Revelwood.

Enshrouded may be a game in its infancy, but it has the potential to be a future classic. With its mix of intense combat action, creative building and cooperative gameplay, it offers a comprehensive and engaging experience. It combines the beauty of darkness with the power of light and invites you to discover the history of a fallen empire.



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