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Bramble: The Mountain King - A detour into the dark depths of the Nordic sagas

The different areas of the game world range from dark caves to vast forests and are inhabited by all kinds of creatures that can be dangerous to Olle in case of doubt. According to Merge Games, however, Bramble: The Mountain King not only scores points for its exciting story and varied game world.
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If you leave the features of Bramble: The Mountain King for the first time, you quickly get the impression that you are dealing with an off-the-peg video game production. A few classic adventure elements here, a family member waiting to be rescued there and the odd boss fight are of course also a must.

However, the latest work from the indie developers of the Dimfrost Studios I am definitely wrong with this conclusion. If you let the world of the adventure game sink in, you will quickly realize that the fantasy adventure published by Merge Games provides a breath of fresh air in the genre in terms of gameplay.

Free your sister from the hands of trolls

In Bramble: The Mountain King, players take on the role of the protagonist Olle, who sets off in search of his sister in a dark world inspired by Nordic legends. In order to realize his goal of freeing his sister from the hands of trolls, the involuntary hero on a journey where every mistake could be his last.

Bramble: The Mountain King
Light not only plays a special role for Olle, but is also one of the core elements of the story.

In the varied world of Bramble, things are often not what they seem. at first the appearance make. It is therefore up to the player to plan their next steps at regular intervals and decide which path to take next.

The different areas of the game world range from dark caves to vast forests and are inhabited by all kinds of creatures that can be dangerous to Olle in case of doubt. It is therefore always important to weigh up whether a direct Confrontation with a potentially deadly opponent makes sense, or whether Olle should rather try to avoid it and sneak past an opponent.

The spark of courage provides hope

In order to hold his own in the dangerous world of Bramble: The Mountain King, Olle resorts to the Nurse to the magical artifact called "The Spark of Courage". Thanks to the power emanating from this artifact, the budding hero is able to face even the most difficult challenges and overcome deadly abysses.

Bramble: The Mountain King
In seemingly hopeless situations, you can always rely on your friends.

According to Merge Games However, Bramble: The Mountain King not only scores with its exciting story and the varied game world. At regular intervals, players are also confronted with boss battles of "epic proportions", which are supposed to demand everything from them.

Rounded off the dark fantasy adventure According to official information, the game features high-quality graphics that bring the world of Bramble to digital life in an appealing way. And since a suitable soundscape is more than half the battle in an adventure of this kind, the developers also promise an atmospheric and well-placed soundtrack.



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