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Life by You - Steering life in unusual directions

Life by You will be the counterpart to The Sims from publisher Electronic Arts. Although both games offer the same thing at first glance, Life by You players will find almost no limitations that restrict their enjoyment of the game.

Create your own life - The life simulation Life by You from the developer studio Paradox Tectonic promises unlimited freedom of play. Players can choose all the settings for their characters themselves. There are no pre-defined goals, missions or end points to achieve.

It all starts with the idea

Life by You is being developed as an alternative to The Sims by publisher Electronic Arts compete. Although both games seem to offer the same thing at first glance, Life by You has virtually no limits that restrict players' enjoyment of the game.

The game encourages this, write your own life stories and let their characters live them out. Players can not only create their own characters, but also literally put the words they should use into their mouths. The game allows each character to take on any role. Those who prefer to experience a classic family story can do just as well as those who want to develop a crime story in the life simulation.

Life by You
The view is reminiscent of the building menu from the game The Sims. However, Life By You promises significantly more freedom.

Another nice feature is that players can choose from which perspective they want to view their work. The traditional top-down view offers Lots of overview and enables faster conversion work. But players can also switch to the third or first-person view to get even closer to the events of their virtual lives. The life simulation can thus quickly turn into a crazy rollercoaster ride through the city you have built yourself, when you can enjoy driving a Character in the first-person view in a car, speeding through the countryside and stopping at nothing and nobody.

In all directions

For friends of large playgrounds the simulation offers plenty of space as an open world game. Players can therefore choose whether they want to build just a single house and use it as the setting for their life ideas or whether they want to build an entire, functioning city including schools, restaurants or even police stations around it.

The size of the cities is only limited by your own imagination and the computing power of your computer. If you want to build a lot, you can let your imagination run wild. On the other hand, those who are content with less will not be disappointed.

Mods, more mods, Life by You

While other games want to deliver new content through DLCs, publisher Paradox Interactive encourages players to create their own content. To this end, the life simulation game offers a range of modding tools that allow even beginners to change parameters in the game relatively easily. For example, it is theoretically possible to make your own characters fly or transform the game environment into a large underwater resort.

All developed mods can be exchanged with other players, which means that even players without any experience or The joy of modding to creatively expand and change their game world.

The expression of your own creativity also makes it possible to develop challenges for friends and acquaintances, such as achieving a certain career goal, starting a particularly large family or simply fathering 100 in-game babies. To make such challenges even more exciting, corresponding rewards can be programmed directly into the game.

Life by You
A world that wants to be explored: whether on foot or by vehicle. The living world of Life by You tells a story that can be influenced by players.

Life builder in Life by You

Who with his Decisions at Life by You If you're not happy with a decision, you don't necessarily have to start from scratch. The game allows all decisions made to be changed or reversed at any time. Even entire cities can be easily moved from one place to another. Alternatively, players can also use the divine red pencil and completely demolish cities if they want to build a new city from scratch.

Above all, this simple handling invites players to experiment a lot and really let off steam. Players can get to know the various development tools better and don't have to worry that wrong decisions could have serious consequences for the gameplay.



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