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Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires - Of medieval battlefields and tamable horses

Myth of Empires combines building, strategy and simulation in a medieval-inspired sandbox game. With technology trees of different civilizations, an open world and a variety of empire-building options, it offers a rich and varied gaming experience.


Enshrouded - Where darkness becomes a play of light

With cooperative gameplay for up to 16 players and a versatile skill tree, Enshrouded offers a rich and immersive experience. It invites you to discover the secrets of Embervale and confront the shadows.


Warhaven - When the sound of clanking iron beckons

To better convey the feeling of a medieval battle, the developers at NEXON Games have gone to great lengths to provide Warhaven with extensive battlefields where players can let off steam. Players can choose one of the two battle parties and go to war either alone or with two friends.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen - The next generation of space simulations

At the heart of Star Citizen is the interaction with other users that you encounter throughout the game world. Whether you engage in combat, fight for supremacy on planets from a first-person perspective or team up with other pilots is up to you.


The First Descendant - Cooperative looter shooter fun

The First Descendant is set in a completely fictional science fantasy world in which the human-inhabited continent of Ingris is threatened by an invasion. Players take on the role of battle-hardened descendants who have been trained solely to protect humanity.

Path of Titans

Path of Titans - A survival adventure in a prehistoric world

The prehistoric lizards that can be played include the Alioramus, the Spinosaurus, the Styracosaurus and the impressive Stegosaurus. As each of the dinosaur species has its own individual behavior and needs, each of the lizards plays differently.

Lost Ark

What's the story behind Lost Ark? - An opinion

While you fight your way through the continents, there are also dungeons for the low level area, which you have to tackle alone or with a maximum of four players. You also learn how to mine ore, chop trees, collect plants, fish and dig up relics before you reach the max level.

Myth of Empires

Myth of Empires ★ MMO in an Asian setting

The open-world game Myth of Empires from developer Angela Game and publisher Antiidelay gives gamers all over the world a great deal of freedom thanks to its modular design.

Fallout76 Steel Reign - SimplyTommy

Fallout 76: Steel Reign ★ New update for the flagging MMO

Fallout 76: Steel Reign will continue the story missions about the Brotherhood of Steel and at the same time represent a provisional conclusion. According to the developers, this does not mean that more content about the knights in their power armor will not be released in the future, but for now the current story will be completed.