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UNDYING - Mother and son against the apocalypse

In this highly emotional story, which revolves around the despair of a desperate mother, UNDYING captivates the players not only through the main characters, but also through the blurred environments and the reduced color palette.

What do you do when you've been bitten by a zombie? The answer could be to search for fresh brains, simply count the remaining days or just slurp around - but not in UNDYING from Vanimals. Here, the main character Anling must try to survive, not for herself alone, but for the sake of her son Cody. Precisely because her end seems foreseeable after a zombie bite, the time factor is skillfully brought to the fore.

Survival strategy for soon-to-be and non-zombies

In the overview mode of the game, which looks more like a cuddle apocalypse than a horror apocalypse UNDYING the two now embark on the path to a possible future - at least for their son. Whether in a former Suburban idyll or directly in the city center, the duo sets off in search of places to retreat to and safety. The theoretical intention of not getting too close to the living corpses - the bite reveals that it has not worked optimally so far - can sometimes be implemented more or less well during the game.

The aim is to build a livelihood in the destroyed city... easier said than done.

But where are you supposed to go when the insidious Shadow slowly approach and reveal themselves to be greedy zombies. So it is the mother's top priority to protect Cody and gain experience levels at the same time. These skills are passed on to the son as a kind of training session so that he can survive after his mother's mutation.


But if the time pressure of the impending transformation is not enough, players soon realize that some resources in the game are limited, to say the least. Anling must now keep an eye out for these rare and useful items - all against the clock. Because either she can sell it to a trader or she recognizes a suitability for upgrading the item. Items can be developed and weapons upgraded in special camps. They also serve as storage for utensils, as the inventory expands along the way. dramatic reasons proves to be very limited.

In the midst of the zombie apocalypse, farming is more important than ever.

Eerie everyday life in the undead metropolis

In this very emotional The story, which revolves around the despair of a desperate mother, captivates UNDYING not only through the main characters, but also through the blurred environments and the reduced color palette. Spots of light constantly follow the duo and accompany them to an old, desolate restaurant or through an almost deserted city center with a confusing number of intersections. Although the night seems dark and creepy, it can provide a safe haven with a suitable hiding place. But finding this will be one of the main tasks when exploring the city during the day. The other main pillar for the Survival are high levels of experience for Cody.

UNDYING is survival with a future

The initially fearful son, who runs around wildly when his mother shoots at the undead with a gun, becomes a growing young man who can defend himself. But don't worry: in contrast to the shortage of useful equipment, there is one thing in abundance - zombies!

In addition to leveling up survival instincts such as cooking, finding hiding places and the Crafting of special equipment, there is of course also the opportunity to work off on the Zombie subject are available in combat mode. However, in order to have enough energy for the infight with the undead, the hunger and thirst targets must be satiated every day. Let Cody know everything he needs to survive... before it's too late.



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