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Midnight Heist

Midnight Heist - Nocturnal raids, shadowy thrills

Midnight Heist combines cooperative horror with strategic heists in Midnight City. Players choose their missions, work with or against mysterious organizations and overcome challenges while being threatened by sinister shadows.


Dredge - Scary hours on the fishing boat

Dark story, mysterious rarities: The makers of Dredge have created a special gaming experience with great attention to detail. The game offers a gripping story that captivates the player from the very beginning and keeps them on the edge of their seat until the end.


DON'T SCREAM - A horror game that takes your breath away

"DON'T SCREAM" is a unique horror game that registers the player's screams. One wrong sound and the game starts all over again. Developed by indie developers Joure & Joe, it offers impressive graphics and an unforgettable gaming experience. The game is the perfect experience for Halloween and ideal for streamers.


Deceit - Getting to the bottom of the zombie

Who will come to the right conclusions, show the most strategic intuition and have the greatest survival instinct? Every decision - in the creepy asylum or in the Darkwood Forest - can provide attentive gamers with new information.

Greyhill Incident

Greyhill Incident - All invaders are gray at night

In Greyhill Incident, the invaders are referred to as "Greys", who with their typical pear-shaped heads with pitch-black eyes and their slender body shapes could have come straight out of a 1950s science fiction film.

Scorn - Alone in a bizarre world - Review

The much-discussed newcomer is characterized by a dynamic environment and gameplay. Players have the opportunity to experience Scorn in their own individual way.

Dead Matter - Zombie apocalypse in a gigantic world

Dead Matter gets its uniqueness from the numerous customization options. Not only can weapons, vehicles and other accessories be adapted to your own needs, but captured houses can also be designed and decorated as you wish.

The Works of Mercy

The Works of Mercy - A psycho-drama

You slip into the role of the protagonist, a worried husband and family man - and feel first-hand that it is possible to be both perpetrator and victim at the same time. Communicate with the people you meet in the course of the game. But be careful - every answer you give will influence the rest of the game.