Martha Is Dead

Martha Is Dead ★ Horror according to an Italian recipe

With Martha Is Dead the next horror experience from video game developer LKA is in the starting blocks. The dark psychological thriller from the creator of The Town of Light looks set to feature even more violent imagination. At least that's what it looks like after Sony decided to remove some extreme depictions of violence from the Playstation version of the horror game distributed by publisher Wired Productions.

Dark history at the time of the Second World War

Martha Is Dead puts players in the shoes of young Giulia, whose twin sister Martha has been found dead on a lake in Tuscany. Everything points to Martha being killed in a terrible way. murdered was. The story begins in 1944, when the Second World War is everywhere in Italy. In this situation, the players in the role of Giulia not only has to deal with the traumatic loss of a beloved family member, she also has to track down the perpetrator. In the process, Giulia gets caught up in a maelstrom of eerie events and the horrors of the War.

Psychological topics dealt with realistically

With The Town of Light, the Italian studio has already proven that it is capable of creating a unique horror experience. Despite the mysterious events that players can expect, the developers have opted for a realistic depiction of psychological stress, the consequences of death on the human condition and the reality of war. The Horror results from a very personal narrative (played from a first-person perspective), which is designed to take players deep into Giulia's thoughts. The multi-layered narrative also takes a look at the protagonist's personal secrets, which may not be entirely innocent.

Realistic game world, mysterious horror

According to the LKA, the Game world contribute to this realism. Players will be able to explore detailed Italian landscapes that have been modeled on real locations in Tuscany. In addition to her own feet, Giulia can also use a boat and a bicycle to get around. Players can read and listen to newspapers, telegrams and radio programs to find out more about the war situation.

The gameplay of Martha Is Dead is characterized by some bizarre ideas. For example, the players have to retrieve Giulia's repressed memories from her mind by combining dark scenes from the past with Marionettes can be replayed. Various tarot cards are also used to reveal new secrets and summon mysterious powers. Players can also take photos of important crime scenes, which then have to be developed realistically in a darkroom.

Original edition for maximum horror factor

To help players get an even better sense of what life in Italy in 1944 might have been like, Wired Productions Martha Is Dead in the original Italian edition. German and English subtitles can be selected. Of course, players can also use the German and English dubbing. However, for the most immersive experience possible, the developers recommend the original language.



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