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DON'T SCREAM - A horror game that takes your breath away

"DON'T SCREAM" is a unique horror game that registers the player's screams. One wrong sound and the game starts all over again. Developed by indie developers Joure & Joe, it offers impressive graphics and an unforgettable gaming experience. The game is the perfect experience for Halloween and ideal for streamers.

There are many horror games, but none like "DON'T SCREAM". This game not only tests your nerves, but also your vocal chords. One wrong note and everything starts all over again. Sounds simple? But it's not. It's a game that redefines the boundaries of horror and puts players on the edge of their seats. A world of horror where every sound counts.


A Horror gamethat reacts to the player's screams? This is exactly what "DON'T SCREAM" offers. The game requires a microphone to register the smallest of noises. A scream, a moan or even just a startled gasp and the game starts all over again.

The aim is to spend 18 minutes in a Ghost forest to survive, whereby time only passes if you move. So campers don't stand a chance here. The microphone feature also offers a new Dimension of the gameplay, in which players must constantly pay attention to their surroundings and their own reactions.


A forest full of surprises

The forest in "DON'T SCREAM" is no ordinary forest. It is full of unpredictable horrors just waiting to scare the players. Each playthrough offers a unique experience, as the scares are dynamic and change every time.

The game also uses the Unreal Engine 5 to a realistic VHS look of the 90s, which makes the forest even more sinister. The forest hides many secrets and it is up to the players to discover them and keep their nerve.

DON'T SCREAM - An indie project

Behind "DON'T SCREAM" are the Indie developer Joure & Joe. This game is a Heart project of two programmers and was developed with great attention to detail. Although it was only developed by two people, it offers impressive graphics and a unique gaming experience.


The aim of the two developers was to create a game that stands out from other horror games and offers players an unforgettable experience.

The perfect game for Halloween and streamers

"Don't Scream" is not just a game for the dark seasonbut also the perfect game for Halloween. It offers streamers the opportunity to share their reactions live with their Community and create unforgettable and funny moments. The dynamic horror and the fact that every scream resets the game make it the ideal game for livestreams. Viewers can experience how their Favorite streamer try to keep your nerve.

The walk through the forest is not for the faint-hearted and so challenges Don't Scream The game challenges players and tests their ability to remain calm even in scary situations. Anyone who thinks they are brave enough should definitely give the game a try. It is a challenge to push the boundaries of courage, overcome fears and explore the unknown.



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