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Dredge - Scary hours on the fishing boat

Dark story, mysterious rarities: The makers of Dredge have created a special gaming experience with great attention to detail. The game offers a gripping story that captivates the player from the very beginning and keeps them on the edge of their seat until the end.
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Dredge from New Zealand developer Black Salt Games is set on a gloomy fishing boat. Here, the character, a fisherman, experiences a mysterious story. He discovers mysterious rarities and the mysterious past of the region he has ended up in.

Dredge is a Steam "extremely positively" rated single-player game. It offers a fascinating atmosphere and an unforgettable adventure on the high seas. Players take on the role of an experienced sea dog. After a storm, he is transported to an island world whose recent history is full of mysterious secrets:

  • What happened to the last fisherman?
  • Why shouldn't you go out to sea after dark?
  • And what dark secrets are hidden in the sunken shipwrecks in the area?

He soon realizes that things are not quite right here.

What is Dredge about?

The players have to fulfill various orders from the Island dwellers fulfill. This allows them to unravel some of the mysteries and bring some hope to the region. Money is earned by fishing. Depending on the depth of the sea, there are various fishing rods, trawling nets and crab baskets. The fishing itself is done via small mini-games. You have to stow your catch on board. To do this, the fish have to be arranged in the hold of the cutter in a kind of Tetris game to save as much space as possible.

Dredge: There are small mini-games for fishing (left). The catch needs to be stowed in the hold (right) to save space.

In some places, strangely misshapen fish bite. At the local fishmonger has a special interest and pays top prices.

The fisherman can use the proceeds to pay off his debts. These were incurred as a result of the storm he got caught in at the beginning. He can also upgrade his ship: better fishing rods, nets, engines and lamps. A larger hold. All this makes fishing easier and the cutter more efficient. With the cable winch attached to the stern, he can Remains of shipwrecks and then search through them. In the process, he discovers rarities.

In Dredge, you can find valuable artifacts in sunken ships.

The game offers a variety of unique and mysterious items hidden in the wrecks. From ancient artifacts to strange relics from times gone by - players have the option, true treasures and collect them in your inventory. But be careful, because not all Fand pieces are harmless, and sometimes The possession or use of a rarity has unforeseeable consequences.

Mood and endings

Particularly fascinating is the gloomy moodwhich the game builds up piece by piece. It feels like every character the fisherman encounters has a secret to hide. The sea - or something that lives in it - has taken many lives and suffering over the people in the region. Dredge conveys the mood graphically through the exaggeratedly grotesque characters you encounter. The basic mood of the graphics is gloomy. Only a few hopeful moments bring some liveliness into the Play. Musically, the game is accompanied by calm, slightly melancholy instrumental music.

Dredge: Sailing around at night is bad for your mental health. Or are you crazy already?

The makers of Dredge have created a special gaming experience with great attention to detail. The game offers a gripping storythat captivates the player from the very beginning and keeps them on tenterhooks until the end. The decisions that players make can influence the course of the story and lead to different endings that reveal the entire story and another secret.

Dredge has been available for the following platforms since March 30, 2023: PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5|4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S



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