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CLeM - Mysterious adventures in the house of riddles

CLeM takes players into a mysterious house full of puzzles and secrets. Using a notebook as a key, players explore unique rooms, solve challenging puzzles and uncover a dark story. The combination of hand-drawn graphics and the new "Puzzlevania" genre makes it an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to the world of CLeMa fascinating mixture of exploration, puzzles and goosebumps. Imagine waking up in a dark room that feels eerie and yet somehow familiar. Your senses sharpen as you gradually discover the secrets of a seemingly abandoned house. In your hand: a mysterious notebook full of puzzling clues. Your mission? "Bring me BEAUTY." But what does that mean?

CLeM begins mysteriously

The adventure in CLeM begins with the classic awakening in an unknown and gloomy room - a scenario that is as old as the tradition of puzzle games itself. But here it gets a fresh, artistic twist. You find a notebook, which is not only your main tool, but also the key to the game's puzzles. The pages are filled with sketches, symbols and notes that will guide you into a world of alchemy, Insects and more mysterious Crawlies show. This notebook is your best friend and your greatest puzzle solver... apart from your sharp mind, of course.

A seemingly empty room becomes an unexpected point in the story.

Puzzlevania: A new genre

CLeM represents the newly coined genre Puzzlevania a fascinating fusion of puzzle and exploration elements. Instead of linear chains of puzzles, the game offers an open world in which each room holds its own secrets. With every magical toy discovered and every puzzle solved, you delve deeper into the mystery of the house. This combination of exploration and puzzles creates a narrative experience that is both challenging and captivating.

From logic-based puzzles to creative challenges that specifically stimulate your imagination, there is always something new to discover. The puzzles are not just a means to an end, but actively contribute to the Narrative and uncover the secrets of the house and its past piece by piece.

Artfully designed, with a pinch of eeriness

Visually, the Indie title by Mango Protocol has a uniquely beautiful graphic style that combines hand-drawn elements with 2D navigation in a 3D environment. The attention to detail transforms CLeM into a vivid sketch. This aesthetic choice enhances the atmosphere of the game and contributes to the immersive experience. You're not just exploring a house full of puzzles - you're immersed in a Work of art in.

The notebook as a guide and loyal travel accessory

The CLeM story has dark twists and turns

The game unfolds an enigmatic story of manipulation, pride, forgiveness and redemption. Every decision you make affects your fate in the dark narrative. CLeM manages to tell an exciting story without relying on cheap shock moments. Instead, it draws you the game with its atmosphere and profound characters.

Publisher Iceberg Interactive sends you into CLeM on a narrative journey that challenges both the brain and the heart. With its unique Graphic style, the innovative mix of puzzles and exploration and a captivating story, it offers an unforgettable gaming experience. Just like an old puzzle book: once you open the pages, you can't escape the magic.

And finally, a little hint: In the world of CLeM is not only the search for beauty Riddle - Sometimes the biggest secret is how to turn the game off again!



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