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SMALLAND - Big adventure on a small footprint

In Smalland, Merge Games places the player at the very bottom of the food chain, which qualifies him as a tasty snack for the majority of the local wildlife. Accordingly, it is important to be on your guard at all times.

At Smalland, which is operated by Merge Games is all about experiencing big adventures in small. Numerous tasks are waiting to be completed in classic Survival-The game is designed to be solved in a puzzle style. It is possible to battle your way through the world of Smalland alone or in a group in order to overcome many different challenges.

The developers combine the survival genre with a creative idea that the player into the "land of little ones" in order to survive there. As already anticipated, the player here is tiny and must therefore come to terms with plants that are as big as skyscrapers or puddles that look like entire oceans. A wide variety of animals can be fought, ridden or tamed, which are otherwise only known as small animals or vermin. These include spiders, various lizards, grasshoppers, ladybugs and still many more. Last but not least Grounded with similar game mechanics.

Flying is not only predestined for some insects, but is also a great game mechanic for your character.

Collecting, crafting, building houses

Crafting and housing also play a major role in Smalland. Players have the opportunity to build their own own accommodation and expand them. Of course, you can also create and use your own armor and weapons. This gives you the opportunity to freely design your character and the corresponding environment. The right choice of Shelters can make a big difference and have a major influence on the rest of the game.

Not only the player has an influence on the world, but also the world is changing and thus forces him to rethink his current approach and tactics. In particular, changes in the weather and the corresponding changes in the flora and fauna can make a change of strategy or even a move sensible.

The world is big and full of dangers. Use companions to achieve your goals.

Survival comes first in Smalland

In Smalland, Merge Games puts the player at the bottom of the food chain, which makes him a tasty treat for most of the local wildlife. Snack for in between qualified. It is therefore important to be on your guard at all times and to prepare for the next day in order to successfully complete each subsequent adventure.

The game starts will soon enter the early access phasein which players can help determine the further course of the game and certain features. Accordingly, factors such as feedback and constructive criticism are important to the team. The game is currently in a constant state of flux and may change massively over time. However, the basic principle and gameplay will probably remain the same, albeit perhaps with a few modifications and ingenious mechanics.



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