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Planet of Lana - An epic journey through disharmony and preservation

The adventure that Lana and Mui embark on together is a reminder that courage and cooperation are the keys to success - be it in the preservation of an entire planet or in real life.

Beautiful melodies, hand-painted backgrounds and a lovingly designed universe are just some of the fascinating aspects of Planet of Lana. A planet that has been transformed into a cinematic puzzle adventure, full of mysterious machines and secrets waiting to be discovered. The story takes players on an epic adventure that takes them from idyllic landscapes to mysterious caves and barren desert landscapes.

Since 23.05.23, players on PC and Xbox have been able to enter the new world immerse yourself. The game from the tinkering workshops of the Swedish indie development team Wishfully takes us through Lana's eyes into her world full of challenges and adventures. The planet, once a place of undisturbed balance between humans, nature and animals, is threatened by a faceless army. Lana embarks on a journey to preserve more than just this beautiful planet.

Planet of Lana - The perfect mix for gamers

The world of Lana is full of wonder and adventure. After just a few seconds, you can feel the charm of the game. At least that's how I felt in the game's main menu... Everything seems to fit together - stunning graphics style, hand-painted backgrounds and beautiful melodies. The attention to detail can be felt at every step. An adventure that not only takes the player through breathtaking natural landscapes.

Planet of Lana
Rugged but beautiful: the nature of the planet.

This experience is further enhanced by the dynamics of the camera. Whether from different perspectives, from close up or from a distance, it serves to make the atmosphere even more haunting. It accompanies you on your way through thirteen chapters full of suspense and riddles, slowly increasing so that you don't feel like it's dragging on unnecessarily. In fact, at times I found myself hoping that the story wasn't over yet.

Of climbing games and extraterrestrial friends

The journey begins with some easy climbing, but soon a fluffy companion joins them: Mui, a little cat who has also been captured by the aliens. But I didn't let myself be spoiled beforehand and the furry thing simply called a dumpling... After being freed, Lana and Mui are now an unbeatable team and together they master the tricky passages. The nimble Mui can, for example, lower or bite through ropes, flip switches or activate bridges.

In return, Lana builds bridges for Mui, helps her over water obstacles and takes her by plane to places that would normally be out of reach for both of them. Together they solve easy to moderately difficult jumping passages, small switch puzzles and skillfully maneuver past aggressive guards. Mui also has the ability to influence light-sensitive enemies and use this to her advantage.

Planet of Lana
The paths are sometimes not so easy to follow and often lead over almost impassable passages.

Art meets music

The soundtrack to Planet of Lana is a masterpiece. It was composed by BAFTA-nominated composer Takeshi Furukawa, who was recognized for his work on The Last Guardian is well known. Each melody fits the respective scene perfectly and emphasizes the atmosphere, be it a tricky puzzle or an emotional encounter.

Hand-drawn graphicscomplex parallax overlays and the subtle use of 3D graphics create an interactive painting. The game seems to take place in a single large hand-painted picture that almost comes to life in its details. This unique visual style gives the game a very atmospheric and immersive feel.

A planet of surprises

Every step on the planet Lana holds new surprises and discoveries. The animal world is diverse and not always friendly, and the strange creatures and dangerous machines that populate the world bring additional tension to the game. Each encounter is unique and requires skill and intelligence. The many secrets to be discovered on the planet Lana will never leave you bored.

Planet of Lana
The evil of the mysterious machines hovers in the air in the distance.

Although the main objective is to rescue Lana's sister and protect the planet from the faceless army, the focus is on Lana and Mui's adventure together. The game mechanics are strongly based on on cooperation of the two, and it is this touching personal relationship that makes the game so special. Not only the exciting stealth sequences and daring platforming scenes, but also the emotional bond between Lana and Mui make the game an unforgettable experience.

Planet of Lana proves story

Planet of Lana is more than just an entertaining pastime. It is a game that emotionally touched and whisked away to another world. The three to five-hour adventure is full of challenges, discoveries and emotional depth. Even though it can sometimes be difficult to complete the adventure without dying, the game rewards players' patience and perseverance.

Planet of Lana
The desert is open and wide. There is nowhere to hide. The only thing that helps is to take your legs in your hands, or those of the vehicle.

Overall, Planet of Lana is a game that knows how to convince across the board. With its unique blend of touching story, challenging puzzles and enchanting visual and audio design, it will captivate gamers of all genres. The adventure that Lana and Mui embark on together is a reminder that courage and Cooperation are the key to success - be it in the preservation of an entire planet or in real life. It's a game that not only excites, but also inspires. A game that is worth every moment.



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