Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave
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Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave | A cave adventure

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave is an epic point & click adventure game set in a distant galaxy. With hand-drawn graphics, complex puzzles and a deep story, it offers a unique gaming experience. The heroine Aurora embarks on a journey to discover her origins, supported by fascinating characters in a world full of secrets.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave is not just another Point-and-click adventure. It is a tribute to the classics of the genre, inspired by masterpieces such as The Dig and Indiana Jones. The game also tells a complex story about friendship and discovery in a science fiction universe.

The action takes place in the Trappist 1 planetary system, far away from our Earth. Under the icy surface of the planet Eedor, children raised by artificially intelligent machines live in a technologically advanced cave. Each child is guided by a mysterious voice, except for Aurora. She is the only one without a voice, which makes her curious and rebellious at the same time.

The protagonists in Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave are more than just pixels

Aurora, the youngest inhabitant of the cave, is unique. Her disorientation has made her curious and defiant. Her greatest Dream? To take part in the pilgrimage. But her wild inner self has so far prevented her from making the Title of a pilgrim to obtain.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave
Aurora finds a flyer with instructions on what to do in the event of an earthquake... well, if she doesn't have a snappy saying at the ready...

There's Neemo, Aurora's faithful companion. A cute, floating lump of eyes that is always by her side. His existence and his work on Eedor, however, are a mystery. And finally Kylar, Aurora's brother and the exact opposite of her. He is the eldest in the cave and the leader of the pilgrims, known for his devotion and courage.

An audiovisual experience

The hand-drawn graphics are a real feast for the eyes. Colorful, hand-painted scenes and characters take you into the world of the cave and the lost medallion. Every scene, every detail has been lovingly designed to draw the player into this unique world.

Added to this is a fully voiced adventure experience. The lively characters are brought to life by fully voiced dialog, which makes immersing yourself in the game even easier. the world and history even more intense.

Puzzles that make your head spin

It's not just about clicking and watching. It's about switching on your head. The cave is full of fiendish puzzles and tricky encounters. Finding out the truth behind Eedor and the voices requires more than just muscle power.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave
There is a lot to explore in the cave. So, keep your eyes open so that no mystery remains unsolved.

The cave also contains secret slideswhich can be collected to complete an encyclopedia of the world of Aurora. Another feature that enriches the gameplay and arouses the players' curiosity.

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave - A star in the point & click galaxy

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave is more than just a game. It is a journey, a voyage of discovery, an adventure. It combines the best of classic Point-and-click adventures with a profound, captivating story and beautiful graphics. A must for all fans of the genre and those who want to become one.



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