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Star Birds

Star Birds - Intergalactic fluttering between asteroids

Star Birds is a colorful construction and resource management game that takes players on an intergalactic mission. Explore asteroids, build production chains and fulfill the needs of your space-faring birds while researching new technologies and discovering mysterious artifacts.

Zoo Simulator

Zoo Simulator - Competition for the favor of animals and humans

The Zoo Simulator offers players a comprehensive experience in managing and maintaining a zoo. From the renovation of neglected areas to the selection of exotic animals and the creation of suitable living conditions, it is important to take care of every detail.

Planet Coaster 2

Planet Coaster 2 - When roller coasters and water slides go hand in hand

Planet Coaster 2 offers a new and unparalleled theme park experience with detailed building tools and new themes. In addition to the classic style of the first installment, players can now enjoy mythological, resort, aquatic and Viking designs. Players can customize, share and enjoy their parks together.

Of Life and Land

Of Life and Land - Urban development in harmony with nature

The charming low-poly style of Of Life and Land contributes to the relaxed atmosphere of the game and allows players to concentrate fully on building and managing their settlement. The graphic design and the richness of detail of the various game elements give Of Life and Land a distinctive aesthetic that makes the gaming experience even more impressive.


CLeM - Mysterious adventures in the house of riddles

CLeM takes players into a mysterious house full of puzzles and secrets. Using a notebook as a key, players explore unique rooms, solve challenging puzzles and uncover a dark story. The combination of hand-drawn graphics and the new "Puzzlevania" genre makes it an unforgettable experience.

House Flipper 2

House Flipper 2 - With hammer, brush and wrench

House Flipper 2 brings back the beloved renovation simulator with a new shine. With improved features, a refreshed look and exciting stories, the game attracts both old and new fans to the charming town of Pinnacove.

Par for the Dungeon

Par for the Dungeon - A hole-in-one for the adventurous!

Par for the Dungeon combines golf with adventurous elements and puzzles. Players accompany Cal through unique worlds, fight bogeys and master over 100 levels. The mixture of strategy, skill and action makes the game an unforgettable experience and provides hours of fun.

Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity

Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity | Earth or Man?

Project Planet - Earth vs Humanity is a strategic party game in which Earth fights against humanity. With multiple roles, countless decision-making options and branching narratives, it offers a unique and varied gaming experience that can be enjoyed both alone and with friends.


Hometopia - The dream of your own four walls

To keep Hometopia interesting in the long term, the developers at The Isn't Company promise features such as terraforming. Terraforming enables the player to customize the surroundings of their residential areas, for example by adding rolling hills, green forests or small rivers.

Everdream Valley

Everdream Valley - Magical journey through an idyllic valley

However, the greatest adventures in Everdream Valley are waiting where very few players would expect them: In their dreams. Yes, you read that right. Your protagonist has a magical hat that he puts on as soon as he goes to sleep after a hard day on his farm.


Astroneer - Nobody reads Engels and Marx in space

Astroneer invites players into the vastness of the 25th century to explore fascinating planets, build bases and mine resources. With procedurally generated worlds, a focus on creativity and survival, the game offers an extraordinary space experience.