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Gunhead - In space it hails kisses on the nuts

As the successor to Cryptark, Gunhead combines FPS action with roguelike elements in a universe full of space piracy. Players control a mech pirate, explore unique spaceships and face tactical challenges.


Chimera - Survival in a ruthless Creepy Jar world

The survival game genre has long since established itself in the world of video games. But what if you spiced up this tried-and-tested concept with a good dose of adventure, a pinch of action and a generous dash of thrills? That's exactly what Chimera, the latest project from Creepy Jar, the creative minds behind the acclaimed Green Hell, promises.

I'm not a monster

I'm not a monster - alien hunt in a sci-fi retro look

"I'm not a Monster" is more than just a strategy game. It is an excursion into a bygone era, an immersion in a world full of intrigue and deception and, above all, great fun. It combines the best of the world of science fiction and mixes it with fascinating game elements.


Scorn - Alone in a bizarre world - Review

The much-discussed newcomer is characterized by a dynamic environment and gameplay. Players have the opportunity to experience Scorn in their own individual way.


The First Descendant - Cooperative looter shooter fun

The First Descendant is set in a completely fictional science fantasy world in which the human-inhabited continent of Ingris is threatened by an invasion. Players take on the role of battle-hardened descendants who have been trained solely to protect humanity.


Retimed ★ A shooter through time

Many know them, many love them: Multiplayer shooters. Whether 2D or 3D, online or offline, they are fun and require the player to think and act quickly.