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I'm not a monster - alien hunt in a sci-fi retro look

"I'm not a Monster" is more than just a strategy game. It is an excursion into a bygone era, an immersion in a world full of intrigue and deception and, above all, great fun. It combines the best of the world of science fiction and mixes it with fascinating game elements.

A nostalgic retro look paired with exciting strategic decisions and unpredictable gameplay - that's "I'm not a Monster". In this extraterrestrial adventure, aliens and humans clash and it is not always clear who the monster is. The game is more than just a stage for alien invasions. It's about deception, cunning and, of course, fun.

A rendezvous in the style of the 50s

"I'm not a Monster" offers a successful retro aesthetic. If you think of the 50s, you think of Elvis Presley, icons like Marilyn Monroe and, of course, science fiction films like Star Trekwith its iconic charm. This magic is transferred perfectly to the game. Every pixel, every texture is reminiscent of that time. It is A journey back in time to the golden era of science fiction cinema.

I'm not a Monster'm not a Monster
It's too quiet and it smells funny... there must be an alien around here somewhere.

But the game is not just a visual treat. The soundtrack underlines the Retro feeling perfect. If you close your eyes, you almost find yourself in an old Science fiction movie again. Background music and sound effects are perfectly coordinated and create a gripping atmosphere.

I'm not a monster - intrigue and deception

"I'm not a Monster" is not a pure Strategy game. Not only the gray cells are addressed here, but also the emotions. Who are the aliens, who are the humans and, above all, who can you trust? The players have to make lightning-fast decisions and use their gut instincts.

I'm not a Monster'm not a Monster
In order to survive in the strategic confusion, it is important to combine well.

The intrigues are multi-layered, the deceptions profound. Aliens can Shape of people and thus slip under the radar. Who is friend, who is foe? This question becomes increasingly difficult to answer as the game progresses. But that's exactly what makes "I'm not a Monster" so fascinating and captivating.

Strategy meets role-playing game

At first glance, you might think "I'm not a Monster" is a typical strategy game. But that would be too easy. Here, strategy and role-playing elements mix to create a unique game cocktail. Players slip into the role of aliens or humans and have to act accordingly. Various skills and tactics are used in the process.

As an alien, for example, you have the possibility of taking on the form of a human being, which causes additional confusion. As a human, on the other hand, you have to rely on your instincts and ingenuity. Both roles offer unique challenges and exciting moments.

The magic of the unpredictable

The really magical thing about "I'm not a Monster" is its unpredictability. Every round can be different, every move can fundamentally change the course of the game. Due to the element of deception, you can never be sure what will happen next. This creates a tension that lasts from start to finish.

I'm not a Monster'm not a Monster
Human versus alien: the encounter can be over very quickly. Speed is of the essence.

The possibility of communication between the players also contributes to this. Every exchange can be decisive. Who is telling the truth, who is lying? Who is friend, who is foe? The constant uncertainty contributes to an exciting gaming experience.

I'm not a Monster is unique fun in the world of aliens

"I'm not a Monster" is more than just a strategy game. It is an excursion into a bygone era, an immersion into a world full of intrigue and deception and, above all, great fun. It combines the best of the world of Science Fiction and mixes it with fascinating game elements.

It's not just a game - it's an experience that connects the players to the Captivating screen and always leads you back to the world of the aliens. It's not easy to master, but the challenge is worth it. Because who knows, maybe you're the monster yourself...



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