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Chimera - Survival in a ruthless Creepy Jar world

The survival game genre has long since established itself in the world of video games. But what if you spiced up this tried-and-tested concept with a good dose of adventure, a pinch of action and a generous dash of thrills? That's exactly what Chimera, the latest project from Creepy Jar, the creative minds behind the acclaimed Green Hell, promises.
Chimera - a fascinating planet full of dangers and secrets. Creepy Jar is in the process of creating it so that players can fight for survival here. However, the game is still in development.

Chimera was first presented at the PC Gaming Show has been unveiled and has already attracted the attention of players. The known details are still limited. However, Chimera is set to go into early access in the foreseeable future. The Polish studio wants to use this phase to optimize the game with feedback from the community.

The vision behind Chimera

Players should be placed in a Sci-fi world which not only boasts impressive graphics, but also a multi-layered plot and challenging gameplay. You take over - alone or in Multiplayer - take control of one of the main characters stranded on an alien planet.

The planet Chimera appears idyllic and peaceful. The base extracts valuable raw materials. But Creepy Jar has other plans for you!

Chimera is characterized by a cycle of destruction and Reconstruction are haunted. The forces of nature are merciless, and hostile aliens pose a constant threat. But every challenge offers an opportunity for growth and development.

Base building and the weather

This is one of Chimera's focuses, a base on the planet in order to exploit its resources. The Ecosystem However, the climate is structured in such a way that phases of arctic cold alternate with extremely hot phases in which everything burns.

After a Chimera firestorm, all that remains is a charred world.

In this world of extremes, players also have to face hostile alien animals and plants. Everything is potentially deadly: animals want to eat you, Poisoning plants you and the weather can either freeze or burn you.

Well done to those who are well prepared in Chimera

"These catastrophic natural events are as productive as they are destructive, changing the world around you in ways that could help you expand your center base. Habitats can burn down to make room for new ones, or previously hidden resources can be uncovered," says Michał Stawicki, game director at Creepy Jar.

After the disaster comes the reconstruction. Creepy Jar focuses on individual challenges.

If you plan well, you can save yourself the trouble of laboriously removing the poisonous plant near the base when the Next heatwave which burns anyway.

So nature is sometimes deadly, but sometimes also helpful. If you plan well, you can take advantage of this.

Conclusion: A future full of survival and action

Chimera by Creepy Jar is set to be more than just another survival game. It's a promise to offer a unique gaming experience where survival is not just an option, but a reality. a constant challenge is. With a mix of adventure, sci-fi and intense gameplay, Chimera could be the next big thing in the survival genre.



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