Retimed ★ A shooter through time

Many know them, many love them: Multiplayer shooters. Whether 2D or 3D, online or offline, they are fun and demand quick thinking and coordination from the player.

However, the 2D shooter Retimed brings a new component to the game: slow motion! If a player finds themselves in danger, the game slows down time around them so that they have to maneuver tactically through the projectiles and dangers. The interplay in Retimed, between fast team fights and captivating slow-motion moments, can be played with four different characters, who even have a little background story bring with them! Bintain, Yowie, Psycho and Violet, together with the various arenas, provide for colorful Variety on your screen.

Tactics, strategy and speed

In Retimed these are the keys to success, as each arena hides different traps and dangers that need to be avoided. Be it falling blocks of ice or projectiles deflected by other players: with the right Balance from offensive shots and defensive movements, you can fight your way to victory! You also need to be precise, as everyone is constantly on the move and the environment can either prove to be your advantage or your downfall. Another difficulty: you don't have unlimited ammunition and will often have to move to the ammunition boxes in the arenas.

Thanks to the single-player mode, you can also fight against endless waves of opponents claim. If you want to compete with your friends, you can challenge up to four friends to exciting games. You can play together both online and offline.



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