E-sports - a world full of opportunities and misunderstandings
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E-sports - a world full of opportunities and misunderstandings

E-sports is developing from a hobby into a serious profession with high earning potential. Prejudices against gamers persist, even though they are long outdated. There are various PC setups for beginners, although building your own is often the better choice. E-sports not only offer entertainment, but also valuable career opportunities.

Over the past 15 years, e-sports has evolved from a niche to a global entertainment industry that fascinates and inspires millions of people. What began as a recreational pastime is now a professional competition that not only challenges players' skill and strategic thinking, but also opens up new and amazing career opportunities. In this article, we shed light on the financial aspects, dispel common prejudices and compare the entry options into the world of gaming.

The financial prospects in e-sports

E-sports is not just a testing ground for digital Duels, but also a lucrative source of income for the best of the best. At the beginning, many newcomers face financial challenges, as the income from smaller tournaments is often low. However, as experience and popularity increase, so do the prize money and income from advertising and sponsorship - just like in traditional sport.

For example, the prize money at "The International 2021" in DOTA 2 reached the astronomical sum of 40 million US dollars. Top players such as "N0tail" and "Faker" have already amassed millions through their success in e-sports. These profits show that e-sports can be far more than just a hobby. It is now a professional field with enormous financial potential that is worth conquering.

Sales development in e-sport

Prejudices in e-sports and the image of gamers

Despite its success, e-sports still struggles with many prejudices. Some people still believe that all gamers are overweight and socially isolated, which clearly reflects an outdated image - then as now.

Studies have shown that violent video games do not necessarily lead to aggressive behavior, and the reality is that gamers can be found in all age groups and life situations. Video games are not just for entertainment, but also promote skills such as strategic thinking and teamwork, which are valuable in many professional fields.

PC setup for beginners: DIY vs. ready-made PC

Choosing the right gaming PC can be a challenge, especially for beginners. The decision between a do-it-yourself PC and a ready-made PC depends on various factors.

A DIY PC usually offers better value for money and the freedom to select all components according to your own wishes. This not only promotes an understanding of the hardware, but also makes it easy to expand or improve the system.

For those who want to invest less time in planning and assembly and prefer a ready-to-use solution, ready-made PCs are a good option. Anyone interested in a detailed overview will find here found.

Cost comparison: All-rounder PC vs. budget PC

A good gaming PC does not necessarily have to break the budget. A budget PC can be put together for around 1000 euros and, with the right settings, is ideal for most games. An all-round PC that costs around 1500 euros (or more) offers more performance and is better suited to those who, in addition to gaming, also want to perform more demanding tasks such as video editing or Streaming want to do. Regardless of the budget, it is important to find the right balance between price and performance and to invest in important components such as the graphics card and processor.

E-sports - A conclusion

E-sports is undoubtedly an exciting and constantly evolving industry that not only provides entertainment, but also offers a wide range of opportunities. Professional opportunities opens. Choosing the right set-up and overcoming prejudices are crucial for success in this scene.

In addition, e-sports offers unique insights into the fusion of technology, sport and media, opening up new perspectives for both technology enthusiasts and those with sporting ambitions.

The importance of e-sports goes far beyond pure gaming and includes aspects such as team management, psychological support and technological innovations that make the sector an exciting field for future developments.

Ultimately, it is the dynamic and inclusive nature of e-sports that makes it a fascinating world in which anyone can achieve great things, regardless of their physical abilities. What role do you want to play in this emerging arena?




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