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Myth of Empires - Of medieval battlefields and tamable horses

Myth of Empires combines building, strategy and simulation in a medieval-inspired sandbox game. With technology trees of different civilizations, an open world and a variety of empire-building options, it offers a rich and varied gaming experience.
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The PC game Myth of Empires takes players into a world in which several civilizations with their respective technology trees call the shots. The developers at Angela Game have set themselves the task of creating a sandbox game with a high degree of freedom that not only encourages players' creativity, but also challenges their strategic skills. Myth of Empires combines elements of strategy, construction and simulation in a medieval setting inspired by Greece, Persia, Rome and Egypt. With the promise of integrating Greece and Persia into the game in 2024, the game is continuously expanding its horizons.

Myth of Empires is a world full of possibilities

Myth of Empires convinces with its impressive openness and versatility. With more than 1300 production modes, the game offers an almost limitless range of possibilities for building your own empire. From mechanical tools to city defenses and a free planting game, every decision has an impact on the course of the game. This freedom allows players to shape and manipulate their environment as they see fit, making each game unique.

Myth of Empires

The game places a special focus on the taming and utilization of NPCs, horses and wild animals. The official version 1.0 enriches this mechanic with new BOSS NPCs, beast kings and small animals that can serve as energy sources for mechanical city defenses. These in-depth taming and cultivation games provide an additional strategic layer and allow players to tame excellent combat partners and means of transportation.

The ancient battlefield of Myth of Empires

The heart of Myth of Empires are the epic battles that take place on the ancient battlefields. With a wide selection of cold weapons, armor and technical equipment, players can customize their battle gear. The official version 1.0 introduces power-mechanical city defenses and other combat equipment to enrich the war experience. The ability to freely choose weapons and strategies invites players to constantly face new challenges and perfect their own art of war.

Myth of Empires

Cross-server battles and diplomatic strategies

In Myth of Empires is not only about building and defending your own empire, but also about interacting with other players. The creation of administrative regions and the opportunity to compete for the position of district judge open up a complex system of alliances, diplomacy and war. These aspects help to ensure that the game is constantly evolving and that no two games are the same.

A personalized career in a vibrant world

With 25 development lines, a 16-level title system and more than 100 achievements, the Myth of Empires an impressive depth of character development. Players can shape their career according to their own ideas, be it as a general, citizen or another role. This diversity makes it possible to create a unique story in the world of Myth of Empires to write.

All in all Myth of Empires as an impressive sandbox game that impresses with its open world, diverse design options and in-depth mechanics. It invites you to build, defend and expand your own empires. Whether by taming the wilderness or conquering ancient battlefields - Myth of Empires offers a multi-faceted and immersive experience that will delight strategists and builders alike. As a famous philosopher once said: "An empire is not built in a day; but with Myth of Empires it can at least start that way."



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