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Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave | A cave adventure

Aurora: The Lost Medallion - The Cave is an epic point & click adventure game set in a distant galaxy. With hand-drawn graphics, complex puzzles and a deep story, it offers a unique gaming experience. The heroine Aurora embarks on a journey to discover her origins, supported by fascinating characters in a world full of secrets.

Assassination in 1942

Assassination 1942 - A history game in live-action format

In live-action sequences and graphic novel episodes, you get to the bottom of your family's long-held secret. What does your grandfather have to do with the deadly attack on SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich on June 4, 1942?

Return of the Tentacle

Return of the Tentacle - fan project with guaranteed laughs

No rest for Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne! The Purple Tentacle has set its sights on world domination once again and is determined to get rid of its arch-enemies. The tasks for players are obligatory: solving puzzles, stopping aliens and laughing at both blunt and intelligent jokes.


Tsioque - Princess with a stubborn head seeks the key to freedom

Tsioque is a point-and-click adventure game inspired by big names such as "Monkey Island" or "Indian Jones". Players control the princess with the stubborn head and have to help her escape from captivity. To do this, players search for useful items, have to talk to other characters and solve smaller or larger puzzles by combining items and the right dialog.