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Hoglands - Brave pigs against vampire wild boars

Hoglands succeeds in transforming a seemingly simple principle into a versatile game. An important part of Hoglands is, of course, the combat. And where better to work up a sweat than on the battlefield, surrounded by fighting vampire boars?

Sons of Valhalla

Sons of Valhalla - A Viking life with ups and downs

In Sons of Valhalla, players slip into the muscular shell of Thorald Olavson, who is facing the ruins of his life. Having just returned from a successful campaign, the seasoned Viking finds his home village in flames.

Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns - Halved power, doubled strength

Sinister figures roam the area every night. They have only one goal: total destruction. They stop at nothing and no one and only death can stop them. If the young kings do not secure their kingdom accordingly, the creatures of the night will tear down the newly founded kingdom within minutes and the game is over.

Until We Die

Until We Die - When the subway stops running

In contrast to tower defense games, it is not necessary to build numerous defensive structures for them to do all the work. Instead, it is necessary to manage the available resources and use them wisely.