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Norland - rule with a lot of heart and stubborn toughness

Norland is a captivating medieval simulation in which players take on the role of a nobleman who rules over a dynamic city. With complex relationships, economic systems and political intrigue, the game offers an in-depth experience.

Norland offers a fascinating mix of strategy, medieval setting and the management of a noble family. Inspired by classics such as Rimworld, Crusader Kings and Clanfolk, abducts us Norland into a world where every decision can shape the fate of an entire city. Developed by Russian studio Long Jaunt and published by Hooded Horse, this game promises an in-depth simulation of a medieval kingdom in which each character writes their own story.

In Norland players take control of a noble family that rules over a city populated by peasants and slaves, Soldiers and criminals. Every citizen has individual needs and behaviors that can influence life in the city in complex ways. From love and hate, friendship and envy to betrayal and the quest for power - Norland captivates with its mechanics and its stories.

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Norland is a life full of intrigue

The dynamics within the aristocratic family and between the various classes of the Society forms the heart of Norland. Players assign tasks and observe how complex relationships develop between the characters. These relationships are characterized by emotions such as love and hate, but also by political motives such as envy and the desire for power. The art of managing one's own family without losing sight of the needs and welfare of the citizens is a constant challenge. Criminals must be punished, unrest quelled and order maintained, while new intrigues are constantly being spun in the background.

Economic foresight and political skill in Norland

In addition to the network of relationships, the economy is a decisive aspect in Norland. The development of efficient production chains and trade with caravans are essential in order to strengthen one's own power base. At the same time, it is important to attract new workers through low prices and high wages without losing sight of the ecological balance. Political intrigues are not only played out within one's own City walls from. You also have to interact with other kingdoms and religious leaders on the world map in order to consolidate your own position or expand it through clever alliances.

Night falls and the people come together: Time to spin intrigues.

Military power and the art of diplomacy

In Norland Despite all efforts to achieve peace and prosperity, wars can break out. Players must therefore always be prepared to strengthen their armies and defenses. With seven types of weapons, different armor and unique Combat skills a powerful team can be put together. But Norland also encourages people to take the diplomatic route and resolve conflicts through negotiations and alliances.

Every game in Norland is a new adventure

The special thing about Norland is the versatility of the game experience. Each round of the game begins with different starting conditions, which makes for unique Experiences provides. Whether as the tyrannical ruler of a slave society or the wise leader of a technologically advanced and happy community - the decisions made by the players shape the history of their city and kingdom.

With its detailed design and diverse interaction options, the game offers a successful depth of play. Whether intrigue, economy or warfare - Norland sets the course for a royal adventure that is second to none. And who knows, perhaps in the end a simple ruler will become a legend whose fame will outlast the centuries. Because as the saying goes: nothing is as constant as change.



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