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Zoo Simulator - Competition for the favor of animals and humans

The Zoo Simulator offers players a comprehensive experience in managing and maintaining a zoo. From the renovation of neglected areas to the selection of exotic animals and the creation of suitable living conditions, it is important to take care of every detail.

Who doesn't have it on their to-do list? After your own villa and exclusive speedster, you can now have your own zoo. The latter experience in particular can be tried out on the computer beforehand. The offer of a neglected city zoo seems like a bargain - doesn't it? If you know how to build up your zoo with skill and take the animals' needs into account, you will realize a handsome budget for further investments - perhaps with regard to the other two major goals, but most likely with attention to detail towards upgrading and expanding the new paradise for a wide variety of animals. With Zoo Simulator, the player is immediately immersed in the world of animal demands. The complexity of Games Incubator's hit game is constantly being expanded through the combination of species-appropriate and yet crowd-pleasing husbandry. But what tasks does a zoo director actually have to perform?

Having your own zoo means work and management

Initially, the site does not look like a profitable business area or a suitable home for animals from all over the world. The acquired zoo area looks even less like an inviting leisure experience for guests. To achieve this major goal, Zoo Simulator requires a number of renovations to be carried out - indeed, there is some money to be spent. In fact, the start of zoological life resembles a clear-out. Because unused for years, the bare paths in the zoo cannot be identified as accessible areas. Fortunately, the Handyman work with various tools. High-pressure cleaners for blasting surfaces and welding equipment for particularly impressive zoo equipment should therefore always be available and used. After the partial clean-up, the purchase of wild animals can begin - their different preferences must be meticulously taken into account.

Zoo Simulator
Time to feed the monkeys... I wonder what's on the table?

Zoo Simulator - The other Planet Zoo

Another, less animalistic, challenge is the management of the zoo empire. The aspect of optimal space management in the "Planet Zoo" game plays an important role in the planning underestimated challenge. The expansion of the zoo to primarily increase the number of visitors and therefore revenue is a major goal, ideally the zoo should of course be developed into a true entertainment experience. This in turn requires a few investments in the animal enclosures. For more visitors, more toilets and sanitary facilities should also be available.

To make your way through the Zoo To move the animals, a sufficient number of seats and food stands are needed. Feeding and infrastructural measures in Zoo Simulator will consume a lot of resources and always swallow up your hard-earned savings. Over time, expenses will increase and the renovations will be more extensive, which in turn means more cost-intensive. The corresponding income from satisfied guests will help considerably. It will therefore remain a fine line between popularity and animal welfare.

At eye level with the animals

With the motivated view of the targeted, Heroic protection zone For leopard, elephant and co. the novice in the zoo universe enriches his initially veiled idyll with the first, less demanding small animals. So for now, the workload on the computer awaits the selection of the desired animal species from all over the world from the catalog. The pure acquisition costs for the respective animal, the ancillary costs incurred and the animal's requirements limit the shopping list somewhat at the beginning - however, this will quickly change over the course of the game once the pet store is up and running. For the selected animal species, it is always important to find a suitable area and the optimal equipment for their new fenced-in home.

Zoo Simulator
Various needs must be met for the animals. Is there enough grass growing here?

All beginnings...

For the first, the focus may be on basic equipment such as materials, a house and feeding places. Several enclosures are created in parallel. In Games Incubator's Zoo Simulator, the player clearly benefits from the balance of the animals. The tranquillity of the respective animal species plays a decisive role not only in keeping the animals but also in attracting visitors. Consequently, the welfare of the animals must be taken care of. But it is not only the optimum feeding conditions that create this: Hiding places and small, playful upgrades in the enclosure generate this just as effectively - yes Sniffer noses The animals all have a great urge to be curious. And when exploring the new utensils, they finally show themselves to the guests - which they in turn respond to with enthusiasm. Because in the near future, this will make it possible to give any previously average area a perfect finish.

An excursion into the animal world

And think about it: Would zoo guests rather enjoy unusual and exotic animals? With an exciting and curious selection of animal inhabitants, more visitors will enjoy the experience of the fascinating animal world and therefore spend more money. Your animal project will clearly benefit from an atmospheric setting - with the ideal sleeping place, a species-appropriate floral backdrop and the hiding places or specially arranged retreat options that sometimes come with it, a breathtaking flair This ensures the required popularity among zoo visitors as well as the satisfaction of the animals themselves. The selected objects can be freely positioned, so nothing stands in the way of your individual zoo dream!

Zoo Simulator
Before an animal can even move in here, it has to be properly tidied and cleaned. Does anyone have a Kärcher?

Zoo Simulator - An animal adventure

The Zoo Simulator offers players extensive experience in the administration and maintenance of a zoo. From the Renovation of neglected areas from the selection of exotic animals to the creation of suitable living conditions, it is important to take care of every detail. The welfare of the animals takes center stage; their health, safety and satisfaction are crucial to winning the affection of visitors.

As the company grows, it is important to expand the zoo to attract more visitors and provide them with an enjoyable experience. This includes not only introducing new animals, but also providing amenities such as restrooms, seating and snack bars. A successful zoo not only attracts many visitors, but also ensures that they come back and bring their friends.



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