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Create Discord rules - templates for your server

Rules are essential for a Discord server to build and maintain a harmonious and engaged community. They create an environment in which members can feel comfortable, learn, exchange ideas and grow.

When gamers, chatters and memelords meet in a colorful chat oasis, it's usually on a Discord server. Discord has also conquered the chat playground and offers gamers and chatters a home that is as cozy as grandma's living room. Its superpower? Bringing people around the world together in real time - be it for epic gaming battles or endless discussions about the best pizza topping. In short: Messenger offers text, voice and video chats for anyone who loves real-time communication and a pinch of chaos. But where a lot comes together, sometimes rules are needed to make things work. With these templates, you can create, change and rewrite your own Discord rules.

Rules for your Discord server

Basically, if you only have a server with a few members and don't want to expand it, the unwritten rules and corresponding netiquette usually apply. If you want more, they are often important to ensure a structured, respectful and pleasant atmosphere within the community. They have several advantages:

Clear expectations: Rules help to make it clear to the members of the server what is allowed and what is not. This prevents misunderstandings and ensures a common understanding of how to behave on the server.

Protection of the community: Rules serve to Community from inappropriate behavior, harassment, spam and other disruptive activities. This promotes a safe and inclusive environment in which all members can feel comfortable.

Conflict resolution: The rules form the basis for moderating the server and resolving conflicts. If members violate the rules, the moderators can refer to the rules and take appropriate measures to clarify the situation.

Structure and organization: Rules can help to keep the server structured and organized, e.g. by specifying in which channels which type of content should be published.

Promote respectful behavior: Rules help to promote respectful interaction between members and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and politely.

Legal protection: Certain rules can also serve to protect the server operator from legal problems, e.g. by prohibiting the sharing of copyrighted material or other illegal content.

Create Discord rules

You can create your Discord rules with these templates

You are welcome to use, convert and adapt the following templates if you want to create your own Discord rules.

General clauses:
Treat everyone with respect. Harassment, witch hunts, sexism, racism or hate speech will not be tolerated. The instructions of the admins and mods must be followed.

Further prohibitions:
Spamming, trolling, CAPS LOCK, self-promotion, affiliate or partner links, including direct messages to other members. The disclosure of personal data is prohibited. No adult or obscene content, e.g. texts, images or links containing nudity, sex, serious violence or other graphically offensive content.

Behavior on the server:
Unreasonable tagging / pinging / marking of users & user ranks is prohibited. No inappropriate profiles (usernames, avatars, accounts and statuses). This includes, but is not limited to, empty usernames, unusual Unicode characters or excessively long usernames.

Final clauses e.g: If you observe something or someone breaking the rules, or if you feel unsafe, please inform the mods or an administrator. We want this server to be a place where everyone feels welcome.

An example of how to write the rules

"There are a few rules to ensure that everyone stays fruitful and that we have a good time here.

  • Respect the admins, mods and yourself
  • Please no spam or permanent CAPS LOCK
  • Please no (serious) insults
  • Private information remains private. Sharing private data is strictly prohibited. Private disputes also remain private!
  • Please no (serious) offensive comments, no racism, sexism, incitement to hatred or similar (including nicknames)
  • Please no extensive political and religious topics - And if: Gladly in a separate Coop channel or via private message.
  • Please advertise in the "promote-you" channel (invitation links from other Discords are not allowed)
  • Voice channels are intended for speaking and mutual exchange. Permanently muted users will be expelled from the voice channel or should be reported directly. Users who want to eat while in the voice (including chips and other bricks) are asked to use push-to-talk or mute themselves.

Important note: Discord is allowed from the age of 13 (according to Discord's terms of use), so of course we also have underage users on the server. Please be considerate.


By the way, that's how I have the rules for my Discord created.

Create Discord rules - Conclusion

A well-thought-out set of rules for Discord servers is crucial to the well-being and potential success of a community. Clear rules and guidelines ensure that members know what is expected of them while providing a framework in which they can express themselves freely and creatively. By creating a respectful and positive atmosphere, these rules encourage constructive discussion and strengthen the sense of belonging within the group.

In addition, clear rules contribute to effective conflict resolution and enable the moderators to deal with difficult situations fairly and transparently. This creates trust and security among members and increases overall satisfaction. A structured organization and the separation of channels by topic facilitate navigation and promote the efficiency of server administration.

Rules are also an important protection mechanism for the server operator to avoid legal problems and inappropriate behavior. Clear rules regarding illegal content, harassment or discrimination ensure compliance with legal regulations and protect the reputation of the community.

In short, creating Discord rules to build and maintain a harmonious and engaged community is essential. They create an environment where members can feel comfortable, learn, share and grow. By promoting respect, understanding and cooperation, they help the community thrive and enable sustainable and successful development.



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