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Fanbloc - An engagement platform for streamers and fans

Fanbloc offers streamers and their communities various benefits that can be unlocked by streaming and watching streams. In addition, digital and physical prizes can be won.

The Twitch landscape has changed a lot in recent years. Gaming has long since ceased to be the top dog on the best-known streaming platform. Many new formats, such as Talk showsIRL or creative streams are becoming increasingly popular. It is therefore not surprising that the opportunities for interaction between streamers and the community have grown. The new Fanbloc engagement platform addresses precisely this point and creates a new kind of streamer-fan relationship.

My city, my district, my neighborhood, my FanBloc

Fanhouse Digital GmbH, the company behind Fanbloc, offers streamers and their communities various benefits that can be unlocked by streaming and watching streams. For example, fans can collect points and items that are rewarded by completing quests and challenges. In return, streamers can increase their own Reach and also be a fan themselves. This gives the platform its very own dynamic and also offers the opportunity to trade digital items.

The biggest benefit, however, is the mixing of different communities, the option to discover new streamers and interests, and the chance to win great prizes.

How FanBloc works

Partners and fans can register with their Twitch account connect to Fanbloc. This gives them their own dashboard and their own avatar, which can be linked to the collected Objects, such as shirts, hats, shoes or pants - in other words, a rich digital wardrobe. Fans receive points and items by watching their favorite streamers who are partnered with Fanbloc. A corresponding overview can be called up in the dashboard. There are also ranking lists that fans can use to measure and improve themselves.

An introduction video can be found on the Fanbloc YouTube channel.

The more points you collect, the more you can customize your avatar.

There are also benefits for streamers themselves. In addition to the fan benefits, there are also opportunities to improve fan relationships, increase your own reach and publish your own items, which fans can earn by watching the Livestreams can get. Basically, Fanbloc is a free platform. Although digital items can be purchased later, this is not the core of the platform. Fanbloc points are awarded for fan engagement and can be used for transactions within Fanbloc.

I myself take as Streamer and I look forward to growing together with you on Fanbloc. Please use this link to create an account with Fanbloc. You can find out that you came to Fanbloc via my partner link.

You can look forward to these rewards

First things first: Fanbloc itself is still in an early version, as the platform only launched in 2022. "We are building the No. 1 fan engagement platform for the global streaming market..." it says on the website.

In the future, however, the rewards system is set to become one of the biggest benefits for fans. Fanhouse Digital has already announced streamer-related prizes, such as community tournaments, 1v1's with your favorite streamer, meet and greets, physical merchandise and much more. There will also be other non-streamer related prizes such as gaming hardware, discount codes, gift cards and many more surprises.


Fanbloc will present a comprehensive, rich and playful engagement platform where everyone can get their money's worth. As with any alpha or early access version, Fanbloc still has some work to do, but it is a promising platform in the starting blocks that has the potential to have a significant and lasting impact on the streaming landscape. About the Fanbloc Discord Server can also be diligently discussed and constructive criticism can be practiced.



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