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A Way Out - Can you find a way?

It's about trust, mistrust and compromise. Two men who are strangers to each other have to break out of prison together. But their journey together does not end with the prison break. Their different character traits do not always make working together in A Way Out easy.

In the Coop adventure A Way Out from developer Hazelight Studios and publisher Electronic Arts, players will have to make some compromises.

This innovative adventure game relies entirely on cooperation between players and does not allow you to play the game alone. Instead, the aim is to find a trustworthy Playmates and make the perfect prison break.

Two men, one journey

The game is about Trustabout mistrust and compromise. Two men who are strangers have to work together from prison break out. But their journey together does not end with the prison break. Their different personalities don't always make working together easy. While Leo is often rebellious and disrespectful, Vincent is more level-headed and always in control of his senses.

A Way Out
Everything in the game only works with two players.

The game was developed by the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Although A Way Out is a rather action-packed adventure, it also places great emphasis on the depiction of the Characters laid. The two men have to overcome their differences in order to survive together. A planned robbery can fail simply because the two characters cannot agree on who is allowed to use the only weapon available.

As the whole game is played in co-op mode, the developers have come up with something special. To play the game with a friend, players only need a single copy of the game. The owner of the game can then add a friend online to the game without having to own the game.

A Way Out
Unequal characters must work as a team to escape.

A daring plan, A Way Out

Not only Vincent and Leo's plan from the Prison breaking out of the mold is a bold move, and the developers of A Way Out have put all their eggs in one basket. While linear games are declared dead by some, Hazelight Studios have not shied away from a linear approach. They also rely on a model in which there is no other mode than the Co-op-mode.



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