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Eternal Edge +

Eternal Edge - Awaken your wife from her eternal sleep

In Eternal Edge, which was designed as a purely single-player experience, you are transported to an open and varied fantasy world in which numerous adventures, valuable treasures and dangerous enemies await budding adventurers.

Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns - Halved power, doubled strength

Sinister figures roam the area every night. They have only one goal: total destruction. They stop at nothing and no one and only death can stop them. If the young kings do not secure their kingdom accordingly, the creatures of the night will tear down the newly founded kingdom within minutes and the game is over.


Fireworks Mania - Spectacular fireworks on your home screen

According to the developers responsible, one of the greatest strengths of Fireworks Mania is the physics engine, which ensures that no two explosions are ever the same. This means that players will never see the same result in their creations.

A Way Out

A Way Out - Can you find a way?

It's about trust, mistrust and compromise. Two men who are strangers to each other have to break out of prison together. But their journey together does not end with the prison break. Their different character traits do not always make working together in A Way Out easy.

Last Day of June

Last Day of June - Emotional journey with profound thoughts

Last Day of June takes you on an emotional journey that will touch your heart. In the role of Carl, players search for ways to save June from her impending fate in the individual picture episodes. They have to solve little puzzles and, for example, prepare the car so that it can't start or stop June from driving to the lake altogether.

PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator - Build your perfect computer

So that beginners are not overwhelmed by the countless possibilities, the game provides them with useful tips and step-by-step instructions to help them get started. The PC Building Simulator thus also serves as a tutorial for building a real PC, as it reproduces the process of constructing a computer in great detail.

The Works of Mercy

The Works of Mercy - A psycho-drama

You slip into the role of the protagonist, a worried husband and family man - and feel first-hand that it is possible to be both perpetrator and victim at the same time. Communicate with the people you meet in the course of the game. But be careful - every answer you give will influence the rest of the game.

Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo - The zoo that conquers the world

If you are looking for variety, Planet Zoo also offers game variations such as the challenge mode. In this mode, your zoo is repeatedly hit by minor or major strokes of fate, which you have to deal with as the zoo manager.

Until We Die

Until We Die - When the subway stops running

In contrast to tower defense games, it is not necessary to build numerous defensive structures for them to do all the work. Instead, it is necessary to manage the available resources and use them wisely.


Becastled - Build by day, fight by night

As in a normal building simulation, managing resources during the light hours is an important factor. If the castle's economy is not running smoothly, there will be a lack of important materials or people to protect the castle later on.

Village romance

Village romance - little pieces of peace

With Dorfromantik, Toukana Interactive delivers a cozy game in which the stress of everyday life can be forgotten for a while. The gameplay is minimalist, but it's still fun to keep putting together new villages and trying to beat your own high score.