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AlterLife - The new beacon of hope for simulations?

Just like in real life, it is possible to fall in love in AlterLife, move in together and enter into a virtual relationship if you like each other. This can lead to new life stories that players might never have dreamed of.

What if your life had been different? If you had made some decisions differently, would you be a movie star today? A pop idol? A politician? The Life simulation AlterLife from VGG Studio offers players the opportunity to get to the bottom of these questions.

Down to the smallest detail

AlterLife is a Simulationin which players can create their own avatar and let him or her lead the life they have always dreamed of. Even the character editor offers a great deal of depth, in which you can easily lose yourself. It's not just body size or waist size that can be customized according to your own ideas. Players can even choose body ornaments, hairstyles or the shape of the bridge of their nose to suit their character.

It's reminiscent of The Sims, but AlterLife already looks much more realistic.

The variety allows players to recreate themselves completely in digital form or create someone who looks completely different. But it's not just character building that's so varied in the life simulation from VGG Studio The players are completely free to do as they please. You can also design your own home the way you want it. All available objects can be adapted to your own ideas in terms of size, angles, colors and the like in order to build your own personal dream villa or digitize your own home from reality.

Home sweet home... or property. Your story starts from scratch. Stone by stone, you experience many stories from the lives of your characters.

Many paths in AlterLife

AlterLife leaves it up to the players to create their own Life story to write. They can go off as a straight A student and become the CEO of a large electronics company, or they can party all day and then keep their heads above water with small incomes. Players can relive and try out every step of their lives in the simulation. Alternatively, they can play through what life would hold in store for them if they made some decisions differently.

Pretty much every piece of furniture is adaptable, expandable and scalable. The possibilities for building and furnishing a house are almost endless.

But the game also offers the opportunity to follow the digital developments of other players. You can meet up with your friends at cozy AlterLife parties or meet new people at various events. Just like in real life, it is possible to fall in love, move in together and start a virtual marriage. Relationship if the sympathy is there. This can lead to new life stories that the players might never have dreamed of.

If, on the other hand, you are more of a fan of familiar paths, you can give your avatar the same life as you would outside of the Computers experienced. There is a wide range of activities and professions that leave almost nothing to be desired. In addition, new content is regularly added to the AlterLife experience through patches, so that every player can experience exactly the simulation they are hoping for.



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