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Botanicula - Fairytale forest creatures save home tree

A droll group of five fairytale-like forest creatures have the difficult task of saving their home tree. The tree is infested with a spider-like parasite and is slowly dying. Only one golden seed could be saved by a hazelnut male.
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In the game Botanicula from the Czech developer studio Amanita Design, you explore a world that seems to be made of fantasy and harmony. The design in this game is unique and is characterized by its colourful, almost fresh and cheerful design. The point-and-click adventure game Botanicula was released back in 2012, but has received far too little attention to date for the artistic achievement received.

Mission Botanicula: Saving lives

A quirky group of five fairytale forest creatures have the difficult task of finding their Saving the home tree. This is infested with a spider-like parasite and is slowly dying. Only one golden seed could be saved by a hazelnut male. Now the seedling has to be planted in the ground so that a new habitat can be created. The fantasy animals and plants jump together as a group from branch to branch and solve small point-and-click puzzles. In the process, you meet lovingly designed world many other little animals that want to help or block you. Once a puzzle has been solved and the adventure can continue towards the ground, the little heroes squeak and hum enthusiastically.

The wonders of the tree

The relaxed, fantastic atmosphere transports the Child to a place in the middle of the forest, on a branch, somewhere on the middle floor, full of creative life forms and secrets. It's worth clicking on a small animal several times and teasing individual plants and leaves until they find their reveal a funny secret. The incomparable artwork to date is very bright and bold. The individual tree dwellers are all individually designed, but always incredibly cute and colorful.

The sounds range from the tinkling of bells to sounds made with the mouth. Together with birdsong and music that seems to come straight from a beautiful trance state, the game also stimulates auditory longing. The game also has its very own form of Humor. The crazy combination of sound fragments and images lets you linger in this dream world for about 5 hours.

Amanita Design released a demo to test the game beforehand. This is no longer the case, but it is still money well spent. It is a lovingly designed game for the eye and for the heart.



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