Twitch Raid - You didn't know that yet
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Twitch Raid - You didn't know that yet!

You have to understand one thing: On the one hand, Twitch uses achievements to ensure that streamers have to achieve a certain level of performance, and on the other hand, the platform protects itself from a strong imbalance between Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners. Not everyone who achieves all the goals automatically becomes a Twitch partner.

The steps you take as a streamer on Twitch to achieve affiliate status are relatively easy to complete. For example, you have to have at least 50 followers and stream a certain number of hours. Affiliate status is achieved after a short and relatively straightforward onboarding process. You can then earn Twitch subs and bits. But other benefits, such as uploading emotes, can then also be used to a greater extent. But there are always things that you just don't have on your screen: The Twitch Raid, for example, has a small additional hurdle.

Many streamers are continuing and want to take further steps. One of these is the average number of viewers of 75, based on the last 30 days. Sometimes this goal is one of the most difficult and board tools such as the Twitch Raid command are often used to achieve it. But far from it!

You have to understand one thing: Twitch ensures that streamers have to achieve a certain level of performance with the achievements on the one hand, and on the other hand the platform protects itself from a strong imbalance of Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners. Not everyone who achieves all goals automatically becomes a Twitch partner. Many more parameters play a role in the background. We will probably never really know what these are. However, the following are conceivable: chat activity, subs, bits, copyright infringements / clean management of the Twitch account.

What you didn't know about the Twitch Raid

The stream is coming to an end and the Community is ready to raid. By clicking on "Raid now", all viewers are sent to the selected channel. At this point, however, there is a small catch that limits the Twitch Raid function as a means to an end. This is because viewers who join a stream as raiders are displayed as chat users, but are not included in the statistics that are later used to calculate the average viewer count of 75.

If you look on the PC, your browser line, e.g. after a raid, will change to my channel, look like this:

With the extension "?referrer=raid" the viewer is flagged and drops out of the statistics. Active viewers of embedded video players on third-party sites (e.g. are also excluded from the statistics.

Tips on how you can support streamers after the raid

You can do this as a spectator, to support Content Creator: Click on the name of the channel and then on "Chat" to join the action again. This works on all devices. The link will change to the normal channel page link without the ref label.

You can do this as the person streaming, to improve your statistics and sensitize your newcomers to the raid topic: Explain charmingly and briefly that it is useful to update the page with your "real link". With a bot command, you can trigger a message in your chat so that your viewers only have to click on it.

An example: You trigger the command "!raidinfo" via a hotkey, which triggers a text in your chat: Hey dear raiders, welcome to my channel! You would be doing me a big favor if you would update your player by clicking on this link so that you are counted as an active user for my statistics >> 

More than just a Twitch raid, more than just a detour

In summary, it can be said that the path to becoming a Twitch partner involves more challenges than it seems at first glance. In particular, the popular "Start Twitch Raid" feature for increasing viewer numbers has its limits. Viewers who are added to a stream through a raid are not counted in the average viewer statistics due to a special URL marking.

As a spectator, however, you can Content Creator by clicking on the channel name after a raid and then on "Chat" to effectively contribute to viewer stats. This small but essential step can make a big difference for streamers on their way to becoming a Twitch Partner. So remember to support your favorite streamers in this way and follow my channels, so you don't miss any more tips and tricks!



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