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Dinkum - Conclusion after 50 hours of play

What happens when you mix Stardew Valley with Animal Crossing and add a little Minecraft for spice? The result is an addictive new game. It joins the long list of farm games and, if you look closely, doesn't really offer anything groundbreaking.

What happens when you mix Stardew Valley with Animal Crossing and add a little bit of Minecraft adds to the spice? A new game with an addictive factor is coming out. With Dinkum the individual developer James Bendon has created a great game. It ranks The game joins the long list of farm games and, if you look closely, offers a lot of fun, Not really groundbreaking news. But this game still makes one thing above all - fun.

What is Dinkum about?

You live in a gray city in a gray everyday life. One day you see a job offer that an elderly lady is looking for someone to move back to the island of her birth and found a new community there. And then a cuddly zeppelin flies you out of the gray city to the colorful Island. Grandma Fletsch gives you a tent and you can set up somewhere on the island. Of course, you also have to set up her tent. And now we're fully in the game.

The island is very reminiscent of Australia, a setting that is rarely found as a game world. Funny jackaroos, a cross between a kangaroo and a deer, hop through the world and like to leave a little of their digested food in the game world. So be careful where you step. Here a dingo (dog) howls, elsewhere the next Thanksgiving roast flutters excitedly away from you. You can catch spiders, scorpions, moths and beetles with a net and give the Museum or turn them into money with John, the dealer.

And as Australia is known for its many dangerous animal species, there are also some nasty animals waiting for you in this game. A ravenous crocodile charges at you from the water and bush devils spit fireballs in the forests. In the water, jellyfish and sharks round off the Dangers for your health from.

Grandma now wants you to get along with the few villagers and the constantly changing Visitors and gradually offer them a new home. And since this island is located in the territory of the big, grey city, you need a license for all activities.

Seek and ye shall find

But taxes are also levied on new buildings, and not just too little. And who's the sucker who has to do it all alone? That's right! You run through the manageable game world, fish, catch Insectscollect wood, fruit and whatever else is lying around. There is a metal detector that finds so much garbage that this island can only be an old garbage tip. You use what you collect to build useful things or sell it to make money. John, the trader, will buy everything from you to export it to the gray city.

You can unlock a mine with lots of ore and loot. Of course, you can also plant lots of different crops, which can then be watered and protected from the sun. Predators need to be protected. If you still have time left, then you can start with many Decorative items beautify the town, build paths and fences and create a park with a fountain.

And if you don't feel like walking anymore, you can also get a license to drive a vehicle with the Island to navigate. But you have to take care of the bridges over the river arms yourself. And if that's too strenuous for you alone, you can take your friends with you on the Island invite.

My conclusion

To sum up after more than 50 hours of play, I have to say, Dinkum has addictive potential. The characters are pretty cuddly and lovable. The game world is varied and offers plenty of interaction. The game offers a lot of variety and interaction. You can decide for yourself how you want to play and what you feel like doing. Overall, I think that the developer James Bendon has developed a very good game and is still continuing to develop it.

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