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House Flipper 2 - With hammer, brush and wrench

House Flipper 2 brings back the beloved renovation simulator with a new shine. With improved features, a refreshed look and exciting stories, the game attracts both old and new fans to the charming town of Pinnacove.

It's time to get the old renovation shirt out of the cupboard and shake off the dirt of days gone by. With House Flipper 2 one of the most popular simulation games returns - and not alone, but with a wealth of new features that will make players' hearts beat faster. From the attic to the cellar, no corner is safe from the hustle and bustle, because the sequel is once again all about hammering, cleaning and polishing.

The spirit of the original

Don't worry, the spirit of the original remains intact - the familiar tools such as the good old hammer, the trusty paint roller and the sturdy mop are back. And not only that: they shine in new splendor. The revised graphics ensure that the houses in need of renovation look better than ever before. Even if the first house still looks like a sleepy Sleeping Beauty, with a little hard work and the right tool it quickly becomes a handsome dream castle.

House Flipper 2
Almost like a visit to Orgrimmar... only without orcs, but with a lot of stink.

Regardless of whether the end of the game is an old iron in the process of renovation or just first the hammer in the hand, House Flipper 2 welcomes everyone warmly. You quickly feel at home in the world of Pinnacove, a charming town between Mountain peaks and endless sea. Here with Lifeblood renovated to create a cozy home for the loving residents.

A house is not a home: New features in House Flipper 2

Why only renovate when you can also build a completely new house? House Flipper 2 opens up this possibility with a Sandbox mode, where you can give free rein to your creativity. Whether you want to recreate an existing building from reality or realize your very own idea, only your imagination sets the limits. But be careful: building a house from scratch is a challenging task, but the effort is worth it - when your dream house shines in all its glory at the end.

House Flipper 2
What doesn't fit is made to fit... Would you like some Tic Tac Toe on the outside wall?

House Flipper 2 is more than just a handyman simulator. The houses that the players take in their hands, tell stories. There's Tom, for example, the old buddy who seems to know everyone in the neighborhood and is only too happy to share anecdotes from the neighborhood. It's these little details that make the world of House Flipper 2 to life and turn every job into a little adventure.

Home and Garden TV or from cleaning fiend to real estate mogul

The roots of the game must not be forgotten: Real estate speculation. House Flipper 2 turns the player into a skillful real estate manager. The aim is to right real estate renovate them according to the wishes of potential customers and then sell them at a profit. Whether you are a one-man cleaning crew or a professional renovator - the road to becoming a real estate mogul is rocky, but worthwhile.

To the rhythm of your own preferences: House Flipper 2 adapts to your style of play

In House Flipper 2 the end of the game is the boss. He decides what "relaxed gameplay" means. Tidying up, renovating and building? Then the sandbox mode is just the thing. Or would you prefer cleaning and decorating? Then the story mode offers long and exciting renovation projects and quick jobs. No matter which style, House Flipper 2 offers the right gameplay for every taste.

House Flipper 2
Okay, okay... orange might not be the first choice, but it goes so nicely with the brickwork!

House Flipper 2 is a successful successor with its own personality

House Flipper 2 ties in seamlessly with the Success of the original but adds enough elements of its own to create its own story. New features, improved graphics and great attention to detail allow players to quickly immerse themselves in the world of Pinnacove. With the right mix of tried-and-tested and new elements House Flipper 2 has what it takes to take the hearts of fans by storm. A game that not only makes tinkerers' hearts beat faster, but also delights fans of business strategies and loving stories. Time to pick up the hammer and get started - can we do it? Yes, we can do it!



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