FAR: Changing Tides

FAR: Changing Tides - A thought-provoking journey through a flooded land

In terms of graphics, the developers have also opted for a hand-painted steampunk look in FAR: Changing Tides. The ship, the tides and the mysterious ruins are imaginatively designed and invite you to be whisked away to an alien environment for a few hours.
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FAR: Changing Tides is the new adventure game from Swiss video game developer Okomotive, published by Frontier Foundry. It is based on the same idea as the studio's first work, FAR: Lone Sails. In that game, players traversed a dusty desert landscape in a post-apocalyptic vehicle.

In FAR: Changing Tides you now take over the ship of the lonely boy Toe, who is traveling through a flooded world. Okomotive again works with audiovisual methods here. Language and text are not used at all to tell the story of the game. Instead, huge, abandoned Machines of a destroyed world and sounds ranging from hopeful to gloomy underline the adventure.

Setting big sails to discover small wonders

As in FAR: Lone Sails, the star of the game is the vessel with which the game world can be explored in a side-scrolling manner. The ship must be steered and operated by retracting or setting sails and by taking Toe on short expeditions into abandoned Ruins to get fuel. Sometimes these lead to lofty heights, other times deep below the surface of the sea. The longer the journey lasts, the more players should experience and perceive their vehicle not only as an instrument, but also as a friend and companion with a soul and a life of its own.

Combat elements were also used in FAR: Changing Tides once again. The game is deliberately not as grueling as an action adventure or a shooter, but rather relaxing and contemplative. Nevertheless, tension arises when the calm sea voyage is interrupted by obstacles. Players then have to overcome simple platform passages and simple puzzles. In this case, simple and easy are not flaws, but features. This makes it possible for players to solve problems without having to rush, without having to forgo gameplay altogether.

A feast for the eyes and senses

In terms of graphics, the developers have also FAR: Changing Tides with a hand-painted steampunk look. The ship, the floods and the mysterious ruins are designed in a wondrously imaginative way and invite you to immerse yourself in an alien world for a few hours. Surroundings to be kidnapped. According to the publisher Frontier Foundry, there will also be no game instructions. Players should rely on their instincts so that they can enjoy the stunning atmosphere without distracting UI elements and tutorial messages.

If you would like to be inspired a little more, you are cordially invited to visit my current Lets Play for FAR: Changing Tides to look inside.



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