Highrise City

Highrise City - urban development meets a complex economic system

In order to create a flourishing city, it is now up to you to set up sophisticated production chains, further develop technologies and fulfill the wishes and needs of your residents. This will gradually create the metropolis of your dreams.

In many cases, the developers of Urban development-simulations have to put up with the accusation that the economic aspect is often ignored. This is where those responsible at Fourexo Entertainment and Deck13 want to start working on Highrise City. No less than a significant twist in the genre is promised, ensuring that budding city builders and fans of economic simulations alike will get their money's worth.

Players are initially faced with the task of planning the city of their dreams. In Highrise City, no wishes should be left unfulfilled. They can plan metropolises with up to one million inhabitants, five different social classes, around 250 different building types, more than 50 different Raw materials and a buildable area of just under 196 square kilometers.

Given the number of buildings, vehicles and Residents Since there are no fixed limits, the direction in which a metropolis develops is in the hands of the user. Thanks to the freely customizable level of difficulty, Highrise City can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced city builders alike.

Of resources and new technologies

However, building your own city is by no means the end of the story. Once the FoundationIt's all about maintaining and continuously developing the metropolis. If you want, you can sit back and watch the hustle and bustle of your city. After all, there are up to 5,000 vehicles and 20,000 residents per scene simultaneously on the screen. Small micro-animations, which can be found throughout the game, bring your city to virtual life.

In order for a flourishing city, it is now up to you to set up sophisticated production chains, further develop technologies and fulfill the wishes and needs of your inhabitants. This is how the Metropolis of your dreams. Fortunately, variety is also ensured in the long term, as the city-building and economic simulation comes with a connection to the Steam Workshop. Creative players in particular will get their money's worth here, as they can create completely new building types or even completely overhaul the balancing.

Thanks to the support of the Steam Workshops you can upload your own creations and make them available to the international community. Of course, you can also download other users' creations and use them in your own game. All asset accesses are summarized in clear tables and can be expanded or changed as required. This should ensure sufficient long-term motivation and variety.



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