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Railway Empire 2 - With steam, steel and visionary entrepreneurship

The main objective in Railway Empire 2 is to strategically expand the growing railroad network and outdo competing companies in the process. With every new track laid, every tunnel and every bridge built, cities and the economy grow.
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When the whistle of a steam locomotive echoes across the land, connecting vibrant cities, picturesque villages and vast, untouched landscapes, we find ourselves in the historical world of Railway Empire 2. As the direct successor to the popular economic simulation, players will to the golden age of railroads, when the strength and influence of a country was often determined by the extent and efficiency of its rail network.

Experience industrialization in Railway Empire 2

Railway Empire 2 transports players to the year 1830, the dawn of the railroad age. The task? To build an ambitious railroad empire from scratch by choosing from a selection of 60 detailed recreated historical locomotives and selects them according to individual preferences designed. The playing field extends across gigantic maps that represent the entire USA and Europe, as well as more detailed regional maps with over 300 cities.

Railway Empire 2
The big maps are all about connecting cities and transporting goods or passengers.

The game is not only a tribute to the railroad, but also a historical showcase. It provides insights into the enormous changes that the railroad industry in the 19th century and how it shaped the landscape, life and economy of the time.

A world full of possibilities

The main objective of Railway Empire 2 is to strategically expand the growing railroad network and to Competition to outdo them. With every new track laid, every tunnel and every bridge built, the cities and the economy grow. In this way, the small railroad company that the players start with becomes a huge railroad empire that stretches across the entire world. Continent extends.

Players have the choice of how they want to play: Whether in the five-chapter campaign, which takes you through legendary regions of Europe and the USA, in one of 14 scenarios, in the customizable free play mode or in the relaxed building plan mode. For all those who prefer work together with friendsThe game also offers a cooperative multiplayer mode in which up to four players can control the same railroad company.

Revolution in track construction

The track construction has been significantly improved and simplified in Railway Empire 2. With automatically placed signals, bridges that can carry more than four tracks, Stations with up to eight tracks and new station extensions, with which the stations can be individually designed. The landscape also adapts to the route as it passes through mountains, valleys and plains.

Railway Empire 2
Enjoy the landscape? Just get in and look out of the window!

One of the most appealing features of Railway Empire 2 is the ability to enjoy a ride on your own railroad track. Whether inside a wagon or from the driver's cab, players can sit back and admire the passing scenery as the steam locomotive continues its journey.

Railway Empire 2: All aboard!

Railway Empire 2 is not just a game, but a lovingly designed homage to a bygone era, a celebration of history and technology. It combines strategic thinking with creative building and allows players to relive a pivotal moment in the history of the Industrial Revolution and write their own railroad history. Anyone with a passion for history, technology and, of course, railroads will love the opportunity to create and manage their own railroad empire.

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