Lake ★ A relaxed excursion into the narrative adventure game genre

An inclusive, cozy and calming point-and-click adventure that has exciting stories to tell despite its tranquility. Through everyday decisions, the players help determine Meredith's story and ultimately decide whether she goes back to the big city or stays at home.

The adventure game Lake from the Dutch video game developer Gamious and the American publisher Whitethorn Digital is a Adventure gamethat is completely stress-free. An inclusive, cozy and calming point-and-click adventure that has exciting stories to tell despite all the peace and quiet.

In 1986, players take on the role of Meredith Weiss, a career woman from the big city. For two weeks, she returns to her hometown of Providence Oaks in the US state of Oregon to work as a Representation to deliver the mail for her father.

Explore a little paradise

With its fairytale lake, plenty of green nature and classic American suburban architecture, the small village exudes a calming charm. The minimalist but colorful Graphic conveys peace and order. There is no urban chaos here, no cell phones and no internet.

Instead, players can travel through the rural idyll in a small post van without having to hurry. If even that is too stressful for you, simply switches the autopilot and enjoy the view. Through the new job, the players gradually get to know the inhabitants of Providence Oaks. It's up to the players to decide who Meredith talks to, who she makes friends with and whether she even falls in love.

The relaxed life in the provinces

In 1986, the Software company employee Meredith Weiss makes a spontaneous and heartfelt decision: she helps out the town's letter carrier - her father - and treats herself to a much-needed break from her usual rhythm. For two weeks, the game Lake, published by Whitethorn Digital, draws the gamer into the tranquil setting of Providence Oaks, far away from the usual big city paths. The idyllic lake alone seems to be paradise par excellence. Days full of peace and quiet, a useful location and the picturesque little houses invite you to linger for a while. But not everything works out right from the start. Because with the rather quirky characteristics of the Small town dwellers the player has to get to grips with first. Some familiar faces make you feel right at home, even if there are plenty of new people to meet. Instead of filling the adventure with action and challenging tasks, Lake makes use of an outstanding setting with an immersive landscape. Whether in the Roadside Diner or when viewing gnarled pine trees and blazing campfires, the game gives the player many impressive Details. In this fictional biography, real life with comprehensible contacts to one's own environment is given greater prominence than cinematic and fake Hollywood scenes.

In Lake, the players determine Meredith's path

Would Lake play in a nature reserve without people, it would certainly be a short excursion worth it. However, the sometimes strange, often friendly, but always interesting characters that Meredith meets in her new job and after work make you want to stay in Providence Oaks.

It is up to the players themselves to decide whether Meredith wants to deal with the personal issues facing her fellow residents. You can take part in life in Providence Oaks participate, find out background information, visit neighbors or spend time with new friends. However, players can also simply go about their work in silence so that they can sit back in their armchair and relax in the evening.

Through these many everyday decisions, the players determine the History of Meredith, and ultimately decide whether she goes back to the big city or stays at home.



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