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The Universim - Creating life with a divine touch

A funny trick is the position of the player as a god who watches over the life of the simulated civilization. Similar to the classic Black & White by Lionhead Studios, players are not only allowed to construct buildings and lay roads, but can also directly influence their civilizations.
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The divine spark - In the construction simulation The Universim from developer Crytivo, players can try their hand at being the creator of life. The aim is to build the most prosperous society possible and populate not just a single planet, but an entire universe.

In the beginning there was a spark

And damn it... can someone pinch me? The foundation was laid in 2014... and yes, universes take time to develop, but why did Crytivo Games make us wait so long on the evolution bench? I think you can almost answer that question yourself: to make it good!

Since Black & White from Lionhead Studios I have rarely seen such a good game in this genre. The Universim allows players to control the destiny of their own little civilization. The task is to act as a divine power to ensure that the simulated little men, also known as nuggets, develop from the Stone Age to citizens of the Middle Ages to a bustling civilization of the future.

The Foundation stone of life is the collection of resources and the development of supply routes. The population needs food, clothing and tools and must also research new technologies in order to be able to develop at all. Only when a nation has laid the necessary foundations can it advance to the next age.

The Universim
Your population has reached the Middle Ages... just a few hundred more years, then it's off to space.

The world is not enough in The Universim

At the beginning of the adventure, players only have one planet at their disposal, on which they can Civilization have to build. With the progression of life and the further development of the Technologies and research, however, a new possibility opens up: the exploration of space.

So it is in The Universim It is possible to put a group of brave recruits on a spaceship and send them to the nearest moon, which can be converted into a space colony. From there, the humans can gradually spread out to open up new habitats for themselves and find new homes with new materials, but also new challenges. After all, people have to come to terms with nature and with different animals and plants, which are not always happy about the appearance of foreign creatures.

Observation skills

Every new planet offers new opportunities. It can be a treasure chest full of natural resources that can be used to build a fantastic nugget colony. But it is also possible that the world is a dangerous death trap whose dangers only become apparent after dark.

The Developer from Crytivo have added a day-night cycle to the game, which can cause different effects on each planet. Some animals are more active at night and attack the nuggets without consideration. On other planets, certain plants only grow at certain times of the day or year, which must be taken into account when using resources. This is why it is important to thoroughly investigate the new planets before breaking ground for new life there.

The Universim
It's all getting a bit cramped... how about a spaceship?

Divine guidance in The Universim

A funny twist is the position of the player as a god who decides over the lives of the simulated Civilization watches over them. Similar to the classic Black & White from Lionhead Studios, players are not only allowed to construct buildings and lay roads, but can also directly influence their civilizations. If the little nuggets behave well, there are rewards such as a bountiful harvest to make life more pleasant. Or not... depends on what kind of god you want to be.

However, if the people or nuggets stray too far from their faith, players have various options to rekindle the divine spark. Among other things, there are punishment options such as hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions and the like, which can be used to put the subjects back on the right path. Because in The Universim the players are the superior force, and the Nuggets have to dance to their tune - whether they like it or not!



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