Stranded: Alien Dawn
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Stranded: Alien Dawn - Stranded on a distant planet

A large part of the appeal of Stranded: Alien Dawn comes from the fact that the world of the survival adventure is completely regenerated each time you play, presenting you with unpredictable challenges.
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If you are looking for a crisp mix of classic survival fare on the one hand and elements of sophisticated build-up strategy on the other, then Stranded: Alien Dawn should be just right the right thing be for you. In the Survival-adventure from the developers at Frontier Foundry, published in collaboration with Haemimont Games, a publisher specializing in indie platforms, takes you into the vastness of space.

A group of people are stranded on a distant planet and fight for their survival. Even if you are a survival expert, the title will challenge you, as you have to take numerous factors into account in your strategy for managing your colony.

On the one hand, of course, it is about typical human needs such as satisfying hunger, protection from deadly diseases or protection from Dangerswhich the involuntary settlers are exposed to at every turn in their new home. So start by providing food, medicine, weapons and, of course, safe shelter.

A modular basic structure and numerous options

While in Stranded: Alien Dawn the 3D worlds with its impressive flora and fauna, you set up a base for your settlers, which is made up of various modules. Once the base has been built, you can finally start researching technologies with which the stranded survivors can design sophisticated defensive measures or optimize their food supply. Warmth and light, on the other hand, provide your settlers with relaxation and help them recover from their adventures.

Stranded: Alien Dawn
So simple and yet so difficult... it takes a lot of time and skill to set up your own base.

And there are plenty of them in the world of Stranded: Alien Dawn. Away from survival, it's all about the Exploration of the game world, as all kinds of resources must of course be collected to ensure a secure supply of food and to further develop your own base.

But beware: in addition to animal hunters, the planet is populated by aggressive aliens who are anything but friendly towards the human intruders and have their own agenda.

Every run promises an unpredictable experience in Stranded: Alien Dawn promises an unpredictable experience

A large part of the appeal of Stranded: Alien Dawn from the fact that the world of the survival adventure is completely regenerated each time you play, leaving you with unpredictable Challenges challenges. These range from surprising alien attacks and adverse weather to famine and spreading diseases.

By facing up to these problems and ensuring the survival of your settlers, you write in your new homeland History. But be careful: as each of your actions has consequences that are not always foreseeable at first glance, you should consider your steps carefully.

And if you have no previous experience with survival strategy games, this is not a problem either. Fortunately, the developers thought along with you and integrated an extensive, easy-to-use tutorial that familiarizes you with all the important game mechanics.

Stranded: Alien Dawn
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Stranded: Alien Dawn tips and tricks for getting started

The nice thing about Stranded: Alien Dawn is that you can start with many starting parameters at different levels of difficulty. For example, you start with a maximum of four survivors who have very different abilities. It is also not certain how many pieces of wreckage you will find in your immediate surroundings. Apart from enemy creatures, walking routes are also decisive for the start. I myself have played the beginning several times and now have a few tips for you on how to get started.

Food: The most important thing of all! Try to get food at the beginning. There are usually melon-like fruits and mushrooms nearby. Depending on the difficulty, there will be more or less food available. Rations of astronaut food can be found in pieces of rubble.

Weapons instead of waffles: Food is all well and good, but even being on the menu of wild creatures is usually counterproductive. Develop and build spears quickly at the start. Laser weapons are also hidden in pieces of rubble. It is always worth constantly examining the debris. In the research menu, you can later learn how to fully utilize debris.

Equip your survivors and control them: Crafted items such as weapons and clothing can be equipped. In the event of an attack by enemy creatures, the survivors can be controlled by active intervention and navigated to the event. Survivors with weapons do not always attack or attack back automatically. So always pay attention to your surroundings.

Not all research is the same: I have discovered various research perks in the research menu. Pick out the most important ones to start with, such as primitive weapons, clothing, lightning rods (all good things come from above), complete mining of rubble.

Shelters, lightning rods, fire: Shelters and beds are important at the beginning. So build wooden or metal shelters and campfires. Lightning is very likely to strike during rain and thunderstorms. As too much electricity usually makes you small, black and ugly, lightning conductors in open fields or near your shelters are an advantage.

The ultimate tip at the end: You have a maximum of four survivors at the start. Make sure you have a balanced number of tasks to prevent overload. The more tasks you have to complete, the longer it takes to complete more important tasks.



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