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The Dream Machine - An emotional dream adventure

The adventure game The Dream Machine, created by two hobby developers, proves that you don't always need a triple-A budget to send players on a thrilling journey.
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The fact that you don't always need a triple-A budget to send players on a thrilling journey is demonstrated by the adventure game The Dream Machine which was created by two hobby developers. The player slips into the role of protagonist Victor Neff, who moves into a new apartment with his girlfriend Alicia and promptly realizes that something is wrong with the four walls of his home, which at first glance seem tranquil.

The Dream Machine is a story in chapters

In order to get to the bottom of it all, Victor in the second chapter to visit his landlord, Mr. Morton, and tell him of the events in his apartment. As Victor finds his landlord's apartment in a deserted state, he quickly wonders whether there might be more to Mr. Morton than meets the eye.

The Dream Machine

In the other chapters of The Dream Machine takes players to other mysterious locations such as a cruise ship or the dreams of his neighbors, where he gets to the bottom of the secrets surrounding a mysterious dream machine.

Crunchy puzzles, a varied soundtrack and more

But not only the multifaceted history of The Dream Machine is set to delight adventure fans. According to official information, the game also offers a lot in terms of graphics and gameplay. In terms of graphics, for example, players can expect a detailed world that focuses primarily on visual variety in the adventure's six chapters and was created from handmade objects and physically correct clay models. As a result, the adventure of the protagonist Victor Neff scores with its very own style.

The Dream Machine

This is accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack that underlines the surreal atmosphere of the episodic adventure game. At the same time, the soundtrack stimulates your brain as you make your way through the eerie apartment complex or the dreams of your neighbors and get to the bottom of the mysteries smoldering there.

As befits a coherent Adventure there are, of course, numerous puzzles that, according to the developers, range from "child's play" to "brain-busting" and drive the story of the mysterious adventure forward.



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