Ranch Simulator
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Ranch Simulator - Farming life in multiplayer

In Ranch Simulator, the rearing of cattle, pigs and poultry is important in order to sell the animals later on, for example, and therefore forms the core of the simulation.
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The start of a new adventure - in the Ranch Simulator players are allowed to set up and manage their own small farm. There is a lot to do to ensure that farming life does not turn into an absolute nightmare.

A heavy legacy

The grandfather has to his A ranch during his lifetime to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The property was his pride and joy and he put his heart and soul into expanding and maintaining it. Now, however, the old man has passed away and the ranch is in a poor state. Reason enough for the players to roll up their sleeves and set about renovating the family legacy.

Ranch Simulator
It's time to set up and manage the ranch. There is a lot to do!

More tasks than hands

The aim of the game is to turn a run-down farm back into a flourishing one. The company to make. For example, the players have to tear down the rotten, old wooden walls and build new, stable walls. They can also use this opportunity to expand and extend their ranch according to their own ideas.

However, to be able to start rebuilding at all, players need to buy tools and materials, among other things. A general store nearby offers the necessary basic equipment, but the starting budget is limited.

In order to bring more money back into the coffers, players need to keep and manage livestock on the ranch. Raising cattle, pigs and poultry is important in order to sell the animals later on, for example. However, caring for the livestock is also time-consuming. Players must therefore keep a close eye on their resources and consider which of the many tasks on the ranch is currently more important and which task can possibly wait.

In Ranch Simulator you need work helpers

So that the work on the ranch doesn't get out of hand, the players can also Reinforcement get. Ranch Simulator offers a co-op mode in which up to four players can play together. on a ranch at the same time can be on the move. For example, two players can take care of the renovations and the other players can get new materials. However, it is also possible for all players to grab a shotgun and go on a shooting spree. go hunting in the open-world forests, which are around the ranch. There are different ways to experience the Ranch Simulator and it never gets boring.

To get into the game better, it is advisable to watch the simulation alone at the beginning. In my Ranch Simulator Lets Play I am competing with many a farmer. So it's worth taking a look.



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