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Warhaven - When the sound of clanking iron beckons

To better convey the feeling of a medieval battle, the developers at NEXON Games have gone to great lengths to provide Warhaven with extensive battlefields where players can let off steam. Players can choose one of the two battle parties and go to war either alone or with two friends.

For glory and honor - The multiplayer action game Warhaven, brought to the market by the publisher NEXON Games Korean Corporation, players are allowed to Chain mail and iron sights to compete in epic battles. Designed as a medieval battlefield, the budding knights must let their swords, spears and axes do the talking to lead their team to victory.

From nobody to Warhaven legend

For Warhaven, the developer studio NEXON Games has a total of six different character classes and four additional special classes on offer, with which budding warriors can plunge into the fray. The classes differ The swordsmen, for example, are of average strength and well suited to various attack positions. Axe-wielders are somewhat more powerful and are always at the front of an attack wave. Spearmen, on the other hand, are much faster and more agile, but prefer to attack from the second line, as they could quickly lose out in a direct clash.

Opponents as far as the eye can see. The battles in Warhaven offer plenty of action.

If players are successful on the battlefield, they collect points for defeating enemies or completing mission objectives. Once they have earned enough points, they transform into one of the so-called immortals. These are legendary heroes who can eliminate entire groups of enemies with powerful special attacks. These Legends on the battlefield are revered and feared, and a warrior who succeeds in bringing an immortal back to the afterlife earns a lot of points.

Helpful environment

In Warhaven, players should keep a watchful eye on the different battlefields explore. There are things everywhere that can be used tactically. This doesn't just mean walls to hide behind or stairs for an elevated attack position. There are also barrels of gunpowder that can be turned into explosive surprises with targeted shots.

Some levels also offer ballistas or war cannons that can be used to provide fire cover for your own team. Siege devices, on the other hand, allow players to unlock new paths to get to certain points on the map more quickly. Caution is advised here, however, as the opponents these shortcuts can also be torn down again. Nevertheless, it is worth exploring the tactical elements of each map in order to gain the upper hand in the heated PvP battles.

Big chain rattle in Warhaven

To create the feeling of medieval battle better transfer, the developers of NEXON Games and have given Warhaven extensive theaters of war where they can let off steam. Players can choose one of the two battle parties and go to war either alone or with two friends. The teams can each have a total of 16 brave warriors in their ranks, allowing for large-scale battles with a maximum of 32 players.

On the battlefield, many a fighter will find heavy weapons to be wary of.

To ensure that the armed warriors don't just run around blindly, the game offers different game modes. For example, there is a skirmish mode in which the teams have to fight for certain points on the map and hold them for as long as possible in order to collect points. In Onslaught mode, on the other hand, players have to destroy the recruits of the opposing teams as far back into their own base as possible. The so-called Arms Race is also interesting. In this mode, players start with only a base defense and have to find the weapons scattered around the map as quickly as possible in order to defend themselves. The game modes are varied and ensure that the medieval PvP game feels fresh and action-packed.



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