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Manor Lords - Medieval battles and city building

Manor Lords was developed by a single person. However, this does not mean that the gameplay has to be compromised. Quite the opposite: according to Hooded Horse, the developer has succeeded in fully realizing his vision of a complex strategy title in which great importance is attached to historical accuracy.
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The fact that it doesn't always take a large development studio to create a high-quality gaming experience is demonstrated by the build-up strategy title Manor Lords impressively demonstrated. For example, the game published by Hooded Horse published project from the one-man studio Slavic Magic published.

Or to put it another way: the versatile Strategy title was developed by just one person. However, this does not mean that the playful realization The game does not have to accept any compromises. On the contrary: according to Hooded Horse, the developer has succeeded in fully realizing its vision of a complex strategy title in which great importance is attached to historical accuracy.

You take control of a prince who sets about planning, creating and then managing his own settlement in late 14th century Franconia.

Numerous planning options

Manor Lords offers you a gridless urban planning experience, where you benefit from complete freedom of placement and movement. This means that it is up to you to decide how you want to organize residential, commercial and industrial areas around a central marketplace around your settlement. When making your selection, however, you should consider the various Peculiarities of the respective areas.

Manor Lords
Anything but just strategy: The world of Manor Lords impresses with its many lovingly crafted details.

For example, fields and farms should be built on fertile land, while hunting grounds should be selected based on the animal population. If more and more inhabitants move into your settlement, new residential areas should also be built. According to official information, the numerous resources required have been deliberately spread across a large map to encourage you to explore the world of Manor Lords to explore and New areas to develop.

But be careful: the realistic approach of the strategy title means that a reckless approach to nature and its resources quickly leads to consequences. If you cut down too many trees, the forests will disappear, causing a shortage of wood. If, on the other hand, your settlements expand too quickly, wildlife populations will decline, which can lead to a shortage of food.

So always keep an eye on the impact of your actions on nature.

Manor Lords - Of battles and diplomacy

At the start of a new campaign, you manage in Manor Lords only a small area in 14th century Franconia. Over time, however, both the your settlements as well as your influence, which will inevitably bring other rulers and peoples onto the scene and, in the worst case, lead to wars.

Manor Lords
Exciting battles await every gentleman who takes on his neighbors. The characters' movements are based on motion capturing.

To protect your settlements, you train your inhabitants in the complex warfare research new and powerful weapon systems and equip your armies with high-quality equipment. But here too, you should be aware of the consequences of your actions, as inhabitants lost in war are not faceless extras that can simply be replenished.

Instead, the loss of every inhabitant of your settlement can weigh heavily. Therefore, it may sometimes be strategically wiser to make use of the complex Diplomacy component of the strategy title and come to terms with foreign rulers. And who knows? Under certain circumstances, peace and closer cooperation with other princes and peoples may bring unexpected advantages for you and your settlements. So try your hand in the The art of diplomacy.



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