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Open Roads - Unusual road trip full of secrets

Open Roads is a profound adventure game that tells the emotional journey of Tess and Opal, mother and daughter. In search of family secrets, they explore abandoned places and discover not only the past, but also each other.

Just get in the car and enjoy a road trip... It sounds like a clichéd game concept, but not in this mysterious and emotional indie adventure game Open Roads. This story, created by the award-winning creators of Gone Home and Tacoma (and published by Annapurna Interactive), takes us on a journey full of secrets, memories and family ties.

The beginning of an unusual journey

One fall day, Tess Devine and her mother Opal discover a dusty box filled with old notes and letters. These hidden treasures in their attic are the starting signal for an adventure that reveals deep, long-held secrets. Family secrets and the History of decades-old burglaries comes to light. A forgotten past, buried near the Canadian border, suddenly knocks on their door and won't let them go.

Open Roads

Tess and Opal set off to explore a series of abandoned family estates. But it's more than just a physical trip - it's a journey through time, memories and emotions. Opal, who has long tried to forget certain chapters of her life, must now confront the ghosts of her past. Tess, the teenage protagonist, is confronted with a truth that could change her life forever.

A road trip, depth and Open Roads

16-year-old Tess, superbly portrayed by Kaitlyn Dever, experiences this road trip with her mother Opal, played by Keri Russell, discovering not only hidden places but also the complexities of her own family. This road trip is interspersed with conversations in the car, moments spent together listening to the radio and relaxed pauses that add to the classic charm of a Road Trips capture. Open Roads is an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Open Roads

The visuals are groundbreaking. The art style combines detailed first-person environments with hand-animated characters, which gives the game a unique and unique look. captivating atmosphere lends. This visual brilliance underlines the emotional depth of the story and makes every discovery an unforgettable experience.

A dialog system that tells stories

The heart of Open Roads is the innovative, interactive dialog system. It unfolds the story in a way that immerses players deep into the world of Tess and Opal. Each dialog reveals character flaws, secrets and hidden truths that enrich the gaming experience immensely. This system ensures that every conversation, every Decision and each question not only drives the plot forward, but also intensifies the relationship between mother and daughter.

Open Roads

The Relationship between Tess and Opal is the emotional backbone of Open Roads. Their journey together is not just a search for answers - it's a way to truly understand and accept each other. The dynamic between them mirrors the complexity of real mother-daughter relationships and offers an authentic, profound narrative. This emotional connection makes the game not only a journey through abandoned places, but also a journey of self-discovery and self-development.

Open Roads is a special kind of road trip

The indie adventure game offers a captivating History and stunning visual experiences as well as a profound exploration of the relationship between mother and daughter. It's a reminder that sometimes the longest journeys are the ones that lead inward. And sometimes the best way forward is to take a look in the rear-view mirror first. What awaits us here is a masterpiece of narrative art that not only entertains players, but also emotional touched.

Open Roads is a shining example of how profoundly and movingly a story can be told. Tess and Opal's journey is not only an examination of the past, but also a lesson in how secrets can shape and change.



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