Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
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Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - With cardboard and sheet metal to a planned economy

Thanks to its in-depth economic simulation and ever-increasing complexity, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic offers hours of fun and a real challenge for strategy and tycoon fans.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a construction simulation game that takes players back to the time of the Soviet Union. In the role of a mayor who has to transform a poor Soviet republic into a powerful industrial nation, all aspects of the planned economy must be mastered. The tasks range from the procurement of resources to the development of industry and infrastructure to the prosperity of the citizens.

Traffic and transportation management

One of the main tasks in Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a Efficient transport management. Resources and goods have to be transported between different locations such as mines, factories and residential areas. Various means of transportation such as trains, conveyor belts and trucks are available for this purpose. A decision must be made from the outset as to whether the infrastructure will be developed in such a way that the Workers in the vicinity of their workplaces, or whether they are transported to the industrial areas by bus and train.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
The larger a city is, the more interconnected its transportation routes are.

Raw materials and industrial complexes as the core in Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

The game offers over 30 different raw materials that can be mined, transported and processed. To make clothes, for example, you first have to produce fabrics and then build a clothing factory. The finished products can then be sold in stores to increase the Citizens' needs to cover. Each product has specific storage and transportation requirements that must be taken into account.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Workers and their needs

The well-being of the citizens is decisive for the success of the Soviet Republic. Every worker has Individual needsthat grow over time. In the beginning, they are only satisfied with food, later they demand clothing, alcohol and electronics. To be successful in the long term, it must be ensured that citizens have access to education, Leisure facilities and food to be happy and productive.

Economic simulation and growing complexity

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic simulates a Realistic economic systemin which prices are determined by supply and demand. Buying and selling goods to earn dollars or roubles to invest in new infrastructure and buildings is at the heart of the simulation. Over time, the game becomes more and more complex and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the economy running.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
The charm of the 70s and 80s has been captured with great attention to detail and presented in fantastic animations.

Full plate ahead in Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is a challenging and Varied build-up gamewhich offers players an authentic socialist tycoon experience. With a variety of resources, Transportation options and growing demands of the citizens, players must prove their skills as planners, managers and diplomats in order to develop their Soviet republic into a flourishing industrial nation. They can choose to build a self-sufficient economy or trade with other countries. Authentic Soviet buildings, vehicles and landscapes from the 1960s to the 1990s add to the atmosphere of the game.

Thanks to its in-depth economic simulation and constantly growing complexity, Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic offers hours of fun and a real challenge for strategy and tycoon fans. Whether in the Sandbox mode with unlimited resources or in the full version, where every detail counts - the game offers a wide range of possibilities, to shape the socialist economic paradise.



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