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Astroneer - Nobody reads Engels and Marx in space

Astroneer invites players into the vastness of the 25th century to explore fascinating planets, build bases and mine resources. With procedurally generated worlds, a focus on creativity and survival, the game offers an extraordinary space experience.
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Grab your helmet and put on your boots - in the 25th century, it's off into the vastness of unknown space. In Astroneer, daredevils become fearless space explorers whose mission is to explore distant planets, mine resources and make the almost impossible possible. With the cosmic motto "Nobody reads Engels and Marx in space", the game throws its pixeldust over familiar survival elements and opens up a universe full of possibilities.

Houston, we have a base

The fascination of the unknown often begins with the first steps on foreign soil. The unknown terrain needs to be carefully shaped, and yes, even the celestial body underfoot seems to be molded from clay, ready to be transformed into artistic sculptures by creative minds. In Astroneer, the familiar MinecraftSandpit to cosmic playground, where megaliths and ramps to the moon are just a "right mouse click" away.

In addition to shaping the home soil, it is also about survival in the infinite vastness of space. Oxygen is scarce and the temperature fluctuates between "too cold to survive" and "too hot for the spacesuit". Therefore, building a functional base is not an optional luxury, but a necessity. And the players can give free rein to their creativity - from the underground cave base to the floating cloud fortress, there are virtually no limits to the imagination.

There is a lot to discover. It never gets boring on the procedurally generated worlds.

Space, infinite expanses...

...and lots of unexplored planets. Seven in number, to be precise. Each of them holds its own challenges and secrets. The procedurally generated worlds promise variety, sometimes the spherical surface offers a wide view, sometimes deep cave levels force you to explore carefully. Each planet and every moonscape offers its own unique atmosphere that invites players to keep discovering and exploring new things.

Every surface, every cave and every valley can be redesigned and explored down to the smallest detail. The players use their deformation toolto shape the terrain as you wish and mine valuable resources. And who knows, maybe the next hole in the ground will lead to previously undiscovered treasures or mysterious structures waiting to reveal their secrets.

Interaction in Astroneer is the key to success

Creativity is a central element in Astroneer. Whether it's collecting and combining resources to create new tools, modules and vehicles, or playing in co-op mode with up to four friends, Astroneer is the place to be. Colossal industrial plants to build. The game gives players a free hand. Because only those who dare win - and this is especially true in the vastness of space.

Alone on the planet? Far from it... here you go on a survival tour in co-op.

But despite the omnipresent danger, Astroneer also offers space for Quieter moments and experiments. The sandbox environment allows players to break away from the usual Fighting for survival and instead invent and share your own games and challenges. This is how the Fight for survival a truly creative adventure.

One small step for gamers, one giant leap for Astroneer

Roam through cosmic sandboxes in a spacesuit, shape planets according to your own wishes and constantly experience new adventures - Astroneer takes you into a world, which, despite the unforgiving conditions of outer space, knows how to score points with playful ease and creativity. Whether as a lone space pioneer or in a cooperative exploration frenzy, the universe belongs to the brave. And in Astroneer, anyone can become a pioneer of the 25th century.



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